Courage to Care launches Upstander Program for Middle Years Students

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For close to 30 years, Courage to Care has proudly been delivering Upstander Programs to Secondary School students, educating about the dangers of racism, prejudice, discrimination and bystander behaviour.

Hate speech and racial violence are on the rise across the world and, worryingly, it’s growing in Australia too. It’s on our very own doorstep.  From white supremacist rallies to targeted racial attacks, the trend is impossible to deny. That’s why it feels so overwhelming. And at times, insurmountable. But the solution is clear—and it always has been: EDUCATION.

By educating tomorrow’s generation about the dangers of racism, prejudice and intolerance, we can create a world of Upstanders. Everyday people who speak up, act with courage and create real change.

And there’s no doubt that the younger the children, the more impactful this education becomes.

That’s why Courage to Care is now launching Middle Years Upstander Program specifically designed for students in Years 5, 6 and 7. This new, age-appropriate Upstander Program is already receiving excellent feedback from educators. Which means the word is out there, with demand from schools across the state climbing by the day.

Courage to Care hope to reach more than 8,000 Middle and Secondary Years students by the end of 2021. As an independent, universal charity, Courage to Care is seeking donations to support this important work.

Find out more and donate at

All donations will help us shape a more inclusive and understanding society. One that leaves intolerance and hate in the past.

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