Melbourne commuters face $200 fine if masks not worn

By Our Reporter
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

From Monday (24 May), commuters not wearing a mask on public transport in Victoria could be fined $200 as part of a two-week crackdown by police.

According to media reports, the crackdown follows the release of new figures which suggest that just half of all passengers on public transport around Melbourne have been wearing face coverings in the last month, compared with about 88 per cent of people complying last November.

Officers and protective service officers will be riding trams, trains and buses – particularly in the morning and afternoon peaks – handing out face masks for anybody who is not wearing them.

A refusal to wear the mask will cop an on-the-spot $200 fine.

The blitz starts tomorrow and will last for two weeks.

Masks remain mandatory on public transport to prevent the spread of coronavirus, unless people have a valid medical exemption.

Stating that he was concerned by the level of complacency, Transport Minister Ben Caroll said, “This is far from over, this pandemic, and we must do everything we can.”

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