Convert Reviews to Rewards with Singapore-Based Startup YouAdMe’s Social Media E-Commerce Platform


SINGAPORE, May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This year, Singapore-based MarTech startup YouAdMe is reshaping the local digital marketing landscape with its upcoming eponymous social e-commerce mobile application, which will kick off through its app-wide AdvertiseSG campaign. By working with the drivers of Singapore’s economy, largely small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) and consumers, YouAdMe aims to incentivise consumers to create content-based reviews to empower brands via its unified advertising media platform. Its mobile app focuses on tangibly converting customer reviews and engagement into revenue for these businesses through organic word-of-mouth marketing.

YouAdMe's AdvertiseSG Campaign
YouAdMe’s AdvertiseSG Campaign

First launched in 2019 in Cambodia’s emerging market, YouAdMe recognised the pain points SMEs were experiencing in the age of social media, attempting to translate brand visibility and exposure into business growth. Overwhelmed by the choices of local and international brands that advertise across social media platforms, an online review from a consumer can make or break an advertising campaign. The mobile app provides a unified platform that publishes advertising campaigns in conjunction with brands for users to directly interact with businesses to reap loyalty points and monetary rewards.

Rather than relying on several different advertising methods to gain the attention of customers, YouAdMe’s AdvertiseSG campaign allows users to independently post creative content based on the different verticals of the campaign to share their opinions and reviews of products and services. Under AdvertiseSG, users can either choose to post about their favourite food haunts, unique locations that they’ve found, interesting deals or even their most recommended staycations to earn points based on the campaigns certain brands are running. Posts are linked directly to the brand’s sites to seamlessly make purchases of activities and experiences, with each confirmed transaction based on influence earning the user additional loyalty points. Similar to social media posts, these reviews are driven by the consumer’s relationship with a brand, eventually allowing businesses to use these original content posts for advertising purposes.

YouAdMe’s app itself is driven by influence, each successfully posted content is the gateway to earning more loyalty points on the platform. From referring friends to prompting another user to make a purchase, there are various ways users can earn points to cash out through each recommendation post. A win-win for consumers and brands, YouAdMe’s organic, yet incentivised, model is driven by an entire ecosystem of influence, creating a symbiotic relationship between businesses and customers.

With the intention to revive the nation’s local tourism economy beyond the pandemic, YouAdMe envisions to be adopted by businesses within the F&B, retail and hospitality industries to aid them in garnering greater digital word-of-mouth reach. In just 3 years, YouAdMe has aided 1,500 global and local businesses in Cambodia through their platform to run various campaigns that have boosted customer engagement rates and tangibly captured its conversion to revenue, and aims to achieve results of a similar scale locally.

“We’re launching YouAdMe in Singapore with an intention to support local businesses to further fuel the digital word-of-mouth movement, as we leverage on the shift in consumer habits that fuel the nation’s economy,” said Bernard Teo, CEO and Co-Founder of YouAdMe. “In the age of Social Media 3.0 where digital presence is the norm, consumer voice now holds an even greater stake in creating the right perception of a brand’s visibility and ad campaigns. We hope that through this unifying marketing platform, SMEs will be able to strengthen not only their brand’s visibility, but also enhance their relationship with customers through direct engagement for greater shopper retention and loyalty.”

Currently, YouAdMe boasts a quarter-million strong user base in Cambodia and is looking to replicate this success for Singapore’s SME-driven commerce industry and in the Phillippines. The platform is also the Regional Partner for Esports Entertainment Asia and has started initiatives with several small businesses and large corporations to drive local tourism in Singapore and Southeast Asia amidst the pandemic. In this mobile-first economy, YouAdMe’s unifying social marketing tool will allow brands to seamlessly adapt and reshape their business models to cater to changes due to social media and consumer behaviour, in this experience- and influence-driven commerce landscape.

About YouAdMe

YouAdMe is an advertising media platform allowing brands to build relationships with their consumers through word-of-mouth marketing. Derived from the phrase You Advertise Me, YouAdMe allows consumers, “You”, to engage with brands “Me” organically. Launched in 2018 in Cambodia, the company was started to allow business owners, advertisers and marketers to better understand their consumers to drive greater engagement via customer influence in the age of experience. For more information, please visit or download the mobile app on App Store or Google Play.

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