Crown Group’s Iwan Sunito Doubles Down On Urban Living



SYDNEY, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Developer Iwan Sunito of Crown Group understands the world has changed since the onset of COVID-19, but the pandemic’s far-reaching impacts has only strengthened his commitment to innovative urban development, albeit now with a greater purpose more than ever before. With numerous projects located in city centres currently in development, Sunito feels very bullish on the market and anticipates strong demand for smartly built units in urban city centres given the lack of supply.

Crown Group Chairman & Group CEO Iwan Sunito
Crown Group Chairman & Group CEO Iwan Sunito

“Cities are very special places to be – they embody the best of humankind and showcase such vibrant energy,” Sunito said. “I’m confident that the strong demand for residential and hospitality offerings in cities will not change due to the pandemic, but perhaps the qualities and amenities that we place at the top of our list for selecting shelter may be slightly adjusted.”

His stance on his commitment to developing smartly designed urban development includes the following key points.

Humans are social

Sunito is focused on developing unique projects in city centres, as he sees the benefits far outweigh the temporary circumstances brought on by the pandemic. To Sunito, the fact remains that humans are social and nothing beats the face to face interaction with getting together with someone. Cities will remain important centres for work and residential developments as the workforce needs to be accessible for in-person gatherings. With 100% remote work, teams lose the discipline of the workday rhythm. When it is safe, people will need to gather in teams for better interaction and creativity, which cannot be replaced with virtual work.

Location, Location, Location

City centres have distinct advantages. Many of Crown Group buyers are students and they need access to universities, many of which are located in city centres. This also applies to access to healthcare, with the best care centres located in metro areas.

Location still matters as cities are full of life! Far flung locales are more desolate and do not have the same energy, which draws people in. Demand for projects in cities will remain.

Urban Living is Ecologically and Economically More Sustainable

It is ecologically more sustainable as well as economically more sustainable to build density in urban areas. By focusing on building within population centres, planners can utilize existing infrastructure without the need to reinvest in outlining areas. Development in urban areas creates more walkable cities, thus diminishing the ecological footprint further as the population does not need to relay on vehicles as much.

Focus on Design – Healthy Buildings

Given the new realities of society from the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, Sunito fundamentally believes that in order for urban development to be successful, buildings need to better address the mental and physical needs of its occupants. These needs are both aesthetically important with design and in promoting good health.

Sunito has focused on design principals from Japanese and Scandinavian architecture in his recent development projects, such as Mastery by Crown Group by world-renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, in collaboration with Koichi Takada Architects, as these disciplines incorporate a sense of perfection and a commitment to the natural world. In Japanese architecture, the goal is to blend in with nature, and to create harmony. Simplicity is paramount, with de-cluttering an important point.

Crown Group developments are built on the foundation that inspiring projects grounded in nature will make occupants happier and healthier. The impact of nature on our mental state is documented and incorporating key natural elements such as greenery, inspiring views, and the sounds of water add to an overall sense of relaxation and happiness for buyers.

Hotels in Prime Location Still a Draw

Sunito is confident in the hospitality market in city centres as well. With vaccine campaigns underway, domestic and international travel will only continue to grow. Sunito’s SKYE Hotel Suites is ideally positioned for this moment – providing luxury hotel suites situated within Crown Group’s award-winning, high-end residential developments, offering the atmosphere of a resort, the convenience, comfort and private space of an apartment, and the intuitive amenities of a hotel. Sunito is confident that travellers will still be drawn to intriguing urban destinations, such as Sydney, and unique spaces that offer aspects of social distancing will do especially well as the world recovers.

“The pandemic and resulting shelter in place orders have underscored the importance of design and creating a space that is uplifting and inspiring,” Sunito continued. “I’m committed to creating projects that offer resort-style living and a deep connection to nature more than ever before.” 

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