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By Siddharth Suresh

Dear readers,

The second wave of coronavirus hitting India is one that has left everyone in a state of shock. Since 21 April, India has been recording more than 300 000 cases of COVID-19. And with shortages of bed, medicines and oxygen, the country’s health infrastructure is overwhelmed. It is truly a humanitarian crisis.

While governments around the world are waking up to the scale of the crisis, what is also heart-warming is that various organisations at their personal capacity are coming forward to help. We decided to focus our cover story on these wide acts of altruism by various organisations across Victoria and Australia. India needs all the help right now and these organisations are making a humanitarian decision in helping India.

We have been looking forward at ways to keep in touch with you. Last week, we kick-started our push once again for videos and podcasts. It is something we hope to consistently keep up with. So, there is plenty of interest at the moment not just in our writing but also in our digital presentation of news, views and conversations. We would love to hear your feedbacks.

Enjoy all the other sections of the magazine. We are working hard to retain that fresh and independent spirit and presenting special stories that would be an interest to our ever-growing audience—be it the Indian diaspora or anyone interested in the same.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did producing it!

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