Xinye Technology (Finvolution Group) penetrates business to Indonesia, AdaKami encourages the development of local financial inclusion


SHANGHAI, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On April 15th 2021, the first partner conference hosted by Xinye Technology / Finvolution Group (NYSE:FINV) was successfully held in Shanghai, China. With the theme of “New Business Forms, Believing in the Future”, this conference attracted more than 100 guests from the government, academic institutions, and financial institutions.

In these digital era, Xinye Technology (Finvolution Group), as an explorer in the financial technology industry, is working hand in hand with partners through continuous innovation, and is committed to providing users with more digital and intelligent financial services, and is actively expanding in regions represented by Southeast Asia Technology financial solutions

In Indonesia, Xinye Technology (Finvolution Group) has established a financial technology joint venture company named PT Pembiayaan Digital Indonesia. Its product named “AdaKami” was registered at the end of 2018, obtained permission since the end of 2019 and has been running its business activities from time to time under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Based on financial innovation, driven by technology, and guided by customer experience, AdaKami provides users with safe, convenient and accessible financial services. It has become one of the most trusted and loved brands in the local area. At the same time, AdaKami leverages its platform advantages to integrate with local core resources, opens multi-dimensional and deep-level cooperation with many well-known banks, e-commerce and payment platforms, and uses financial technology innovation capabilities to create technology-driven,local characteristic financial ecosystem.

AdaKami, online P2P platform is licensed and supervised by OJK
AdaKami, online P2P platform is licensed and supervised by OJK

In order to enable the Indonesian people to have a deeper understanding of the financial technology industry, AdaKami together with the Indonesian Funding Fintech Association (AFPI) and OJK regularly hold socialization related to financial technology through various media including social media. From 2019 to 2020, AdaKami and AFPI members organized campus socialization roadshows in more than 13 cities in Indonesia to educate the public regarding the impact and contribution of financial technology to the development of Indonesia economy and to continue to expand the presence and positive influence of AdaKami.

Since its establishment, Xinye Technology (Finvolution Group) has relied on its innovative capabilities and accumulated experience in the technology finance industry, adhering to the mission of “Technologyfor The Better Finance”, and has always insisted on empowering finance with technology and benefiting people’s livelihood with finance. In the new nautical era of financial globalization, Xinye Technology (Finvolution Group) will continue to use keen financial insights, grasp the blueprint of the times and development opportunities, and work with more partners to build “New business formats” while “Believing in the future”.

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