Proving the Success of Transformation Amidst a Pandemic, BRI Wins 7 Prestigious Awards Within a Week


JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The pandemic that occurred within the last one year had a huge impact on the national economy. The banking sector also experienced a contraction of minus 2.41 percent throughout 2020 due to slowing activity in the real and the corporate sector.

President Director of Bank BRI, Sunarso
President Director of Bank BRI, Sunarso

Despite these challenging conditions, PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (IDX:BBRI) (“BRI”) was able to maintain a positive performance by continuing to take a role in saving MSMEs and restoring the national economy. This was reflected in BRI lending that grew 3.89 percent with NPLs maintained at the level of 2.99 percent. One of the keys to BRI’s success in facing the pressure due to the pandemic is by continuing the digital and culture transformation program that has been launched since 2016.

For this achievement, BRI won 7 prestigious national level awards in the past one week. The first two awards are The Best CEO to the President Director of BRI Sunarso and Best of The Best Innovative Company, awarded at the 2021 iNews Maker Awards which was held in Jakarta on Wednesday (7/4). The title of The Best CEO was given to a company leader who is able to inspire and lead change in the company to adapt so that it can survive and even excel in challenging pandemic conditions.

Furthermore, BRI received 5 awards at the 10th year BUMN 2021 Award Night on Thursday (8/4) in Jakarta. In this event, BRI won in the category of The Best Corporate, the 1st Best Corporate Governance (GCG), and 1st Best Business & Organizational Transformation. Meanwhile, the President Director of BRI Sunarso was awarded two awards at once, namely as The Best CEO and also as Best CEO Strategic Orientation.

The award was given to BRI based on the independent assessment results from a panel of judges who are experts in their fields, including the First State Owned Enterprises Minister and the BUMN Track Expert Council Tanri Abeng, INDEF Senior Economic Observer Enny Sri Hartati, BUMN Track General Leader Ahmed Kurnia, and 2014 -2020 Nielsen Indonesia CEO & Chairman of BUMN Track Consulting Agus Nurudin.

According to Tanri Abeng, who was one of the Jury at the event, the COVID-19 Pandemic has tested the resilience of the Indonesian economy. However, BRI is considered successful in implementing strategic steps so that it can continue to record positive performance amidst a crisis. BRI’s strategy that can maintain a balance between economic and social value to create sustainable company performance is also a distinct advantage that not many other companies have. “The company’s extraordinary achievements cannot be separated from its leaders who have leadership excellence, and the leadership capabilities of the BRI CEO are not in doubt,” added Tanri Abeng.

The awards received by BRI do not necessarily make the company complacent and continue the ongoing transformation program. “The awards received have encouraged BRI to continue to provide the best services and products for the community. This also proves that so far BRI has carried out its duties and roles as a BUMN with good, transparent, and reliable management. We ensure that in the future BRI will continue to contribute to the revival of the national economy,” said Sunarso.

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