South Korea-based International NGO Urges a Forum for Peace Talks in Myanmar

By Our Reporter

HWPL, an international NGO under the United Nations ECOSOC based in South Korea, issued a statement expressing deep concern about the crisis of human rights caused by the recent military coup and mass protests in Myanmar. They are calling for the international community to join in efforts in supporting a peaceful approach in resolving the country’s current conflict.

On the “HWPL Statement on Human Rights Crisis in Myanmar”, the organization urged the International community to express their support for conflict resolution through the channel of dialogue between the military and civil society activists.

In the statement, it said hundreds of deaths and injuries were caused by “the recent efforts of the Myanmar military to suppress nonviolent protests” It highlighted that “no conflict of interest can justify violence against civilians, and no interest of any group can prevail over human life.”

HWPL asked all parties in Myanmar to “resolve the crisis through consensus based on mutual respect and understanding” and “engage in dialogue to seek a peaceful resolution.” HWPL also asked people around the world to “issue statements urging authorities and civilians in Myanmar to pursue dialogue and seek a peaceful solution in order to restore peace to the country.”

“The number of deaths from protests have exceeded 200 and more than 2,000 people have been arrested by the military.” Kasauh Mon, President of Mon News Agency, a Myanmar-based journalist, said in a statement. “We are very pleased with HWPL and the Korean’s support for our democracy and peace movement. Currently, we are calling on the international community to call for the end against the military regime, and to stop their brutality against peaceful demonstrators,” he continued.

For the past five years, this international civil society advocacy for peacebuilding led by HWPL has shown support and initiatives at the national and international levels. The organization has collected over 730,000 letters written by citizens in 176 countries to encourage peace development in each country, expressing support and participation by governments and social leaders.

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