PONG-DANG™ Heater, U.S. Best Immersion Water Heater for 2021


YANGJU-SI, GYEONGGI-DO, South Korea, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pong-Dang Heater, a patented submersible portable immersion water heater of KD Heater Co., Ltd., has been recognized as the top portable immersion heater in the U.S. by Ezvid Wiki and Appliance Analysts in its best immersion heater 2021 list.

Pong-Dang Heater is highly appreciated in the market for its particular features, especially the titanium immersion water heater versatilities, where outstanding performance, durability, ease of use, and slim design have been the main focuses.

The heater provides a high degree of thermal efficiency as the heat generated is quickly dissipated directly into a liquid by fully submerging the heating element and lead wire in the liquid and can be used in a wide range of different fields where require hot water, freeze protection or temperature maintenance.

Since the Pong-Dang heater entered the North American market in 2019, it has enjoyed consistent growth and its sales figures more than doubling every year. The jump in 2020 sales comes on increased demand for the PONG-DANG submersible portable immersion water heaters.

In May 2021, KD Heater will roll out a new and uprated Pong-Dang Heater that beefs up safety measures with two new safety functions that prevent potential hazards or risks caused by overheating associated with abnormal operation.

“As always the safety of our customers who purchase out heaters remains our top priority and we have developed the new portable immersion heaters by implementing strengthened safety measures in place for fast detection and response to abnormal operation” said Gi-kyung Kim, CEO of KD Heater Co., Ltd.

KD Heater Co., Ltd expects sales of the new PONG-DANG submersible portable immersion water heater to be 100,000 units in 2021.

For more information, please inquire by email(inquiry@kdheater.co.kr) at KD Heater’s official website(www.kdheater.co.kr).

Homepage address: www.kdheater.co.kr


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