The Indian Sun’s April 2021 eMag is live now!

By Siddharth Suresh

Dear Readers,

This past year has reinforced just how fortunate we are to be still here against the backdrop of the coronavirus changing the world, and particularly the economy, around us. We, at The Indian Sun, are particularly grateful to have been awarded the Multicultural Media Stimulus Grant to further our services and bring before you a multitude of stories that keep us engaged and connected.

It cements our hope and belief that there is a future for the ethnic or multicultural media as our cover story indicates, although there are some pertinent questions raised, such as why the young, who are so adept at entering the digital world, are shifting their attention away from print. There will be follow up stories along those lines.

We also have on our cover the dynamic Sydney-based Veena Sehajwalla, now known as Australia’s waste queen, for whom waste is a resource and material that can be harnessed again and again. “We cannot throw away our old items just because we’ve become tired of them and we want new things. The planet cannot sustain that style of living. It is our individual responsibility for a collective and better future for the planet,” she says. Indeed, her work speaks volumes.

Finally, don’t miss out on our other stories from Community Insider and Qoin. They are as exclusive as they can get!

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