Myra Creates a Strong Foundation for its Employees


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Myra has built a steady reputation as a developer who remains abreast of industry developments and attributes its success to its innovative management style of refusing to stagnate. While many organisations erroneously feel that a start-up culture is what it takes for a company to grow, Myra recognises that it is in fact maintaining the energy and enthusiasm of a start-up while acknowledging growth, that allows them to remain in tune with the homebuyers’ journey.

Productive brainstorming session for the upcoming projects
Productive brainstorming session for the upcoming projects

Spirited and willing to experiment may not be terms that you immediately associate with home developers, but Myra believes in hammering these values home to its employees, right from the get-go. The reason for this is simple; to stay relevant with the younger set of property-purchasing clientele, Myra’s employees need to have their finger on the pulse of customer needs.

The 7 core company values within Myra includes Innovation, Growth, Empathy and Fun, which balances goal-centric behaviour with a sense of personal purpose. Myra also rewards speaking up to encourage communication and opinions or constructive criticism.

360-degree feedback surveys are employed, reinforcing the value of speaking up and providing a chance for team members to give their input not only to their peers and subordinates, but superiors as well. This is done annually, giving employees ample time to reflect and internalise their feedback.

Myra has deviated from traditional property developers in order to revamp the ways of an organisational structure by getting young blood aboard. Myra believes that young, first-time homebuyers will be able to resonate with a team of young individuals when it comes to understanding their needs and preferences.

Everything is done in-house. It makes it easier for employees to remain transparent, and allowing collaboration and idea sharing across departments.

To ensure the right fit for Myra’s team, an online application questionnaire and multiple rounds of interviews are carried out, focusing on the company culture fit first before technical abilities or work experiences are considered. While Myra looks for people with experience in the property industry, they are also looking for candidates who fit in with the growth trajectory that Myra is on.

Myra seeks potential hires who are constantly thinking about bringing value that, as a company, can be shared with customers.

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