Shareable Asset Provides Fractional Ownerships of Singapore’s Shophouse to Empower Local Communities


SINGAPORE, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to the recent market research by Property Guru, fewer Singaporeans consider themselves able to afford a property as prices rise and 97% of millennials indicate a preference for buying a property over renting.

Shareable Asset Provides Fractional Ownerships of Singapore's Shophouse to Empower Local Communities.
Shareable Asset Provides Fractional Ownerships of Singapore’s Shophouse to Empower Local Communities.

Despite constant demands of real estate properties, most ordinary Singaporeans do not have access to high-quality real estate investment products due to the big check size and illiquidity.

Shareable Asset, a MAS licensed investment platform announced today that it provides fractional ownerships of Singapore’s HDB shophouse to empower local communities.

Candy Ong, Head of Investment, said, “HDB Shophouses have been gaining popularity and are in demand for the younger generation to operate cafes and other services. These asset classes have shown strong resilience during COVID-19. We are excited to provide such a unique asset class to locals.”

Based on the research, with more than 1 million HDB flats spread across 24 towns and 3 estates, the Singapore brand of public housing is uniquely different as it is home for over 80% of Singapore’s resident population.

In recent years, HDB shophouses have gained popularity among the younger generation to start their business such as F&B cafes and studios. This is due to the huge local residentials percentage and lower rental compared to shopping malls. Also, there are only about 8,500 private sales on HDB retail open in the market, out of which, in the matured estate, more than 60% comes with residential components and have lease remaining less than 50 years. From the purchase and investment aspect, it is very hard to find a pure commercial HDB with a lease above 50 years left.

Through Shareable Asset’s investment platform, Singaporeans now have access to actual real estate investment opportunities to own fractional ownership on physical assets for as low as $5,000.

According to Associate Professor Lawrence Loh from the NUS Business School, “the intrinsic value of HDB heartland shops has been underappreciated, especially in newer estates with a younger population. Some retail shops like laundromats do better in a HDB setting than others as they offer daily essential goods and services that are convenient and accessible to residents.”


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