Top Pakistan Star Jannat Mirza is Amassing Growing Popularity on SnackVideo


ISLAMABAD, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Red lips, brown hair, bright eyes, and gorgeous attire. This is how this 22-year-old young celebrity looks in her videos on SnackVideo. Pakistan’s top star Jannat Mirza, best known for her cute looks and appealing outfits, has now officially joined SnackVideo, a rising video-sharing platform, and shared her journey of becoming a KOL loved by millions.

Rise to fame overnight

For Jannat, the attention of people has come as something of a surprise. She explained:” One day a video in which I was waiting for my sister with a book went viral on social media. From then on, every video I make is watched by many viewers and appreciated by a lot of fans.”

In a recent video posted on her SnackVideo account, she wears a sophisticated yellow dress with long glossy hair that attracts everyone. Apart from captivating audiences with her pretty looks, she also amuses fans with her dance videos, lip-syncing and comedic scenarios on SnackVideo.

Top Pakistan Star Jannat Mirza is amassing growing popularity on SnackVideo
Top Pakistan Star Jannat Mirza is amassing growing popularity on SnackVideo

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From zero to hero, making short video is a life-changing experience

“Before making short videos, I was a shy person who was afraid to hang out and socialize with people. However, after receiving so much love and appreciation from people all over the world, I feel so touched and am really motivated to continue creating good content.” She added, short video platforms like SnackVideo have completely changed her life. Now, this once-shy celebrity is even starring in a film and working on a music video.

Like many other Pakistan influencers, Jannat joined SnackVideo without hesitation:” I think SnackVideo is such an excellent platform that allows people to showcase their talent and skills. It is also a diverse community that gives you the opportunity to try all the possibilities.”

Want to be the next KOL? Join SnackVideo’s new campaign ( now

There are many people just like Jannat who started from scratch but has become a well-known name on SnackVideo. Everyone can be the next KOL and create interesting content on this new platform.

SnackVideo just announced its first Creator Academy in Pakistan with the participation of more than 20 experienced KOLs to help prospective content creators. It is also offering a PKR 1,000,000 reward for outstanding creators in this campaign.

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