TBD Media Group: Brands and Businesses Building a Blueprint for a Green and Sustainable Future


LONDON, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The need for greater sustainability and efficient use of resources, including food and malnutrition, has never been more firmly embedded in the public consciousness. Responding to the results of climate change and the call to action from governments, the general public, and organisations like the United Nations with its Sustainable Development Goals; businesses around the globe are launching into action to lead the world in creating a positive and sustainable future.


At TBD Media Group, we are proud to profile several of these businesses in the launch of 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders, the third edition of our trailblazing series of informative short documentary films focusing on how businesses are leading the way in ensuring a positive impact on the environment we all live in.

Such leaders are proving themselves as pioneers, making new and exciting leaps with technologies such as artificial intelligence and green power; all the while working to galvanise their peers and customers into enacting inspiring changes of their own.

However, the actions of these companies cannot and must not go unnoticed; such ground-breaking steps must be made public and clear to provide a blueprint to others in their respective sectors.

This series will offer seventeen new and bespoke pieces of trendsetting content for our international audience to garner an insight into the climate-conscious motivations and techniques of our varied range of clients. We are delighted to use our specialised storytelling techniques and our wide-reaching platform to give a voice to the companies who are changing the global paradigm for the better. At TBD Media Group, we are dedicated to discovering the human stories and inspirational visions that motivate such incredible brands to commit to making a difference in today’s world.

We firmly believe that businesses, corporations and their leaders can learn a great deal from the activities of their peers, and that this campaign provides an unmissable opportunity for leaders to discover new ways of operating and spearheading a positive impact.

Bringing the stories of such leading companies to life is a true privilege and we are delighted to celebrate the revolutionary efforts that are being taken to combat climate change and lead the industries of today into the sustainable world of tomorrow.

Companies featuring in the campaign:

ACTIS, Bitburger Brewery, City Developments Limited, Grohe AG, Herbalife, Hilton, Indorama Ventures, Johnson Matthey, Jungheinrich AG, Lürssen Yachts, Nemetschek Group, PHW-Gruppe, Schur Flexibles Group, Societe Generale, Sulzer, TSMC.

With businesses aligned to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this recent 50 Climate Leaders campaign hosted on Bloomberg, will see CEOs and executives sharing ideas on achieving greater sustainability using solutions that leverage the latest technology and thought leadership to maximize profit.

Notes to Editors:

The 50 Sustainability Climate Leaders project is the response from the International Business Community which demonstrates the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against Climate Change. Businesses that wish to get involved should contact info@tbdmediagroup.com.

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TBD Media Group: Brands and Businesses Building a Blueprint for a Green and Sustainable Future
TBD Media Group: Brands and Businesses Building a Blueprint for a Green and Sustainable Future


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