‘CUBE ME’ by AMOREPACIFIC, Korea’s leading Cosmetics & Inner Beauty brand, launching in Hong Kong


Korea’s leading Cosmetics & Inner Beauty Company AMOREPACIFIC, is now launching “CUBE ME” an inner beauty & wellness life brand at Watsons, Hong Kong.

HONG KONG, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AMOREPACIFIC, Korea’s top K-beauty contributor, launched the inner beauty brand “CUBE ME” two years ago, based on its philosophy that skin should be managed to be beautiful. The slogan “Skin is not flat but is rather, a CUBE” reflects this philosophy of CUBE ME. CUBE ME products help to manage the dermis of deep skin, which is difficult to manage only by applying cosmetics. The dermis is a thick layer of cells under the epidermis, equal to 70 percent of the skin. Lack of moisturizing ingredients in such dermis leads to dryness and itching symptoms, and lack of collagen and elastin results in a lack of wrinkles and elasticity. Therefore, skin care needs to be as thorough as the epidermis.


CUBE ME’s representing product, “Perfect Cube,” is a premium all-in-one inner beauty ampoule that can consume four types of raw materials that help moisturize the skin at once. Perfect Cube holds 120 mg of functional hyaluronic acid and 5,000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen, elastin and Ceramide in a bottle of ampoule. Hyaluronic acid has more than 1,000 times the moisture of the original material, which greatly helps to recharge the skin’s moisture. Also, collagen, which forms the bulk of the dermis in the skin, decreases rapidly due to aging after the age of 40, so it is important to continue to replenish collagen before that. CUBE ME’s low-molecular fish collagen of 5,000mg is the largest content of health food in Korea and meets adult daily intake.

The CUBE ME Perfect Cube, which contains all of these essential skin elements, can be consumed with confidence because AMOREPACIFIC, which established the first lab in the Korean cosmetics industry in 1954, is responsible for research, development, production, and distribution, and has selected only materials with proven safety. Moreover, a delicious bottle of tropical fruit rich-flavored ampoule can be easily consumed anytime, anywhere, so it is a product suitable for practicing inner beauty steadily and is gaining much popularity in Korea.

CUBE ME’s other representative product, Collagen Cube, is a collagen peptide ingestion product containing 1,000 milligrams of low-molecular fish collagen, which is fast to absorb. As important as the amount is the size of collagen molecules, which, in the case of collagen cubes, have a molecular weight of less than about 3,000Da and are relatively effective for absorption, compared with a molecular weight of animal collagen of 500,000Da. Also, it is a chewable refined product with peach and blueberry flavors, and users can enjoy it deliciously by removing the fishy taste in fish collagen.

As such, various inner beauty products of CUBE ME will be available from December 8 at Watson’s in Hong Kong, and detailed product information can be found on the website below.

Homepage: https://www.cubeme.co.kr/global/cn/zh/


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