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By Our Reporter
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Wyndham City is working hard to support local businesses.

As we emerge from restrictions, more and more residents are returning to local shopping hubs and activity centres.

And Wyndham City wants to put the customer first.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich has urged residents to help our businesses as we emerge from Covid-19 restrictions.

“We want to support local businesses who need on-street parking for customer turnover,” Cr Hegedich said. On-street parking is free for up to two hours.

“We’re urging the community to park within the suggested time limits to not only avoid the disappointment of receiving a fine, but more importantly to help our business community who rely on turnover of parking bays for their customers.”

“Let’s support our businesses together.”

“We want people to spend less time searching for car parks and more time visiting Wyndham City’s terrific restaurants, cafes and stores.”

“We want to create vibrant city centres that provide great shopping and dining experiences for everyone.”

“If you’re visiting our shopping centres for an extended period, try parking in an all-day parking area.”

“There are plenty of car spaces for customers provided the workers don’t park there. That is why Council is working with businesses and their staff to encourage them not to park in on-street car spaces which are intended for their customers.”

There are 2,616 car parking spaces available within Werribee’s City Centre, or within 500 metres of the City Centre—the equivalent of a short 7.5-minute walk.

Major off-street parking areas include the West End carpark (182 All-Day spaces), Riverbend carpark (181 2-hour limit) and Cherry Street (150 2-hour limit spaces).

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