Bluesky Presents Latest Innovation “Lexan Gel” to Repair and Strengthen Nails


HONG KONG, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Beautiful, strong and healthy nails are desired by many. To help people achieve this, leading nail products manufacturer Bluesky will be introducing its latest offering “Lexan Gel”, touted as the best solution for broken, short and rough nails, at the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week.

Lexan Gel jar
Lexan Gel jar


Lexan Gel – the material is transparent and thick for perfect result
Lexan Gel – the material is transparent and thick for perfect result



Thanks to its innovative formula, Lexan Gel does not contain harmful ingredients and stabilisers such as primers and bonding agents. Thick in texture and having the perfect composition, Lexan Gel has the ability to fix and repair broken nails through application on top of the nail. It requires just 3 seconds to dry, creating a smooth finish. It is great for nail strengthening or extension and is ideal for use by both professionals as well as beginners.

About Bluesky

As a leading manufacturer in China, Bluesky has automated production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment that helps it to deliver high-quality products worldwide. Quality assurance is a top priority and rigorous quality check is carried out throughout all phases of the production process, from raw material to mixing, filling, packaging, and delivery, in order to guarantee superior integrity and efficacy. The company is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships and has business partners in more than 60 countries around the world. The brand has a strong presence in global fashion weeks and shows, and continuously seeks out new collaborations with expositions, magazines, and websites, such as

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Tel: +8613802778751

About Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

Cosmoprof Asia, the leading B2B international beauty trade show in the region, has just launched the 1st ever digital week, hosting 640 international exhibitors in 5 days, showcasing new products and trends, innovative packaging and ingredients. Join us for 5 days of connectivity and content at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week where we will offer you the tools needed to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the beauty industry.

To offer better experience to all participants, Cosmoprof Asia is extending the 1st digital week until 6pm (UTC+8), November 17th so that all participants can enjoy 4 more days of connections. If you haven’t experienced it yet, act now to register. Don’t miss the last chance to join the largest beauty virtual event in Asia.

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