Korea’s Representative LED Mask ‘L.linic’ successful Enters into Lazada, Singapore


SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LED Mask of L.linic, a Korean home beauty device brand, will hold an event thanks to its successful entry into Lazada, Singapore. The event will be held “On November 11 at the Mega Campaign”, visitors will be able to see LED masks and accessories at a very special price that will be never encountered again and “On November 16, 9pm at Laz Live”, with various benefits to be offered. Mega Campaign, which will open on November 11, offers discounted prices for LED masks and accessories. In addition the event held on Laz Live on November 16th will give free L.linic Pobling Gwasa Galvanic, a premium skin care product, if visitors purchase an LED intensive premium mask and Benia Bioactive Hydro Ampoule on the air.


L.linic ‘s LED Mask is a premium beauty device that helps enable professional level of beauty care at home. The triple layering’s high-concentration LED enables simultaneous management of skin from the scalp to face. LED transmittance is increased with special technology giving abundant amount of light to the skin which helps to improve skin elasticity, whitening and keratin improvement.

With the increasing interest in home care and the development of beauty device technology, the number of LED masks rapidly increases, and consumers are paying attention to the efficacy and safety of LED masks. According to experts, ‘eyeball safety’ is the most important consideration when purchasing LED masks. L.linic has developed its own eye protection design to ensure eye safety. It uses only near infrared (IR) and red wavelengths that help improve skin, and completely blocks blue light which is harmful to eyes. To protect the eyeball, specially designed eye-ads protect the user’s eyeball by double blocking direct and deflected light at about 15mm high and 3mm thick. As a result, no cases of side effects have occurred since its release.

In addition, the L.linic Intensive LED Mask passed the common preliminary safety standard assessment established by the National Institute of Technology Standards under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, as it received passing marks in major categories such as light output, compliance with 1-2cm light output distance, and eye protection design that excludes blue light.

It delivered uniform amount of LED light and did not miss the effects of LED mask. Even if the number of LED chips is simply large, if the output volume is not constant, improvement effects such as moisturizing and elasticity cannot be expected. L.linic places LED chips evenly around the forehead, cheeks, and chin to deliver LED light evenly to the front of its face. Moreover, L. linic’s special pigment mix material and ergonomic design that covers the front of the face maximize the effect.

The company did not undergo any major product modifications because it considered user safety as a top priority during the design process, and after passing electromagnetic wave certification not only in Korea but also in Europe and Japan, it was approved for registration of U.S. FDA Class 1 and proved to be safe globally. Through the formation of the special event at Lazada in Singapore, L.linic is expected to help consumers enjoy premium beauty care at home with confidence.

L.Linic Lazmall: https://www.lazada.sg/shop/llinic/ 

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