Proluxury @ ecLiving Launches a Series of Air Fryers in Various Functions


Home Cooking in an Oil-free, Yummy & Healthy Fashion

A Great Assistant in Smart Kitchens

HONG KONG, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — For most Hongkongers, 2020 may be the year home cooking happens the most. It is not surprising that their cooking skills make a great leap while they stay home fighting the pandemic. Neither surprising is that for such efficiency-minded epicures as Hongkongers, a series of smart kitchenware definitely help. One prominent example is air fryers, which have already become a must-have in recent years. Producing fire-free, small-size, and smart home appliances has always been the focus of Proluxury. That’s why it has exclusively designed a series of air fryers in various capacities, appearances, styles, and functions. All users with all kinds of tastes and requirements can find their befitting one as a result.


New Era of Smart Kitchenware: Air frying substitutes old frying

Many people find it hard to resist fried foods. However, the inordinate use of oil for traditional frying makes the food high in fat and unhealthy. Besides, the combination of deep-frying and flame cooking leads to be complicated cooking procedures and lengthy time requirement.  Conversely, Proluxury Air Fryer can cook as tasty fried food without oil and reduce the fat content a great deal. Even better, the cooking program is simple. There are 8 preset programs for users to choose from cooking noodles, PIZZA, roast chicken, cakes, cheese tarts, dried fruits to other delicacies easily with only one click. Just put the food in the pot and select the cooking mode to complete it. Even a novice can make a dish with no difficulty and less cooking experiences.

Smart Design enables prompt cooking over 100 kinds of food

Proluxury Air Fryer is designed to lead a more convenient, delicious and eco-friendly life for busy urbanites. Every family can hence live in a “pro and luxury” way and, at the same time, find fun in cooking. Users can easily concoct all kinds of delicious food in a brief period. With 360-degree hot air circulation, the air fryer can carry out high-efficiency, high-power and smoke-free cooking. The reduction of oil use allows everyone to cook savory food with no greasy feeling, such as fried chicken wings, french fries, grilled fish or cakes. The air fryer also comes with a smart touch design. Various cooking modes, 80 to 200 degrees temperature, and timer function are offered. More than 100 kinds of food can be cooked with only one click.

Considerate, Safe & Reliable Design Details

Besides powerful functions, Proluxury Air Fryer is so thoughtful in its design details. With a temperature memory setting, the pot can be taken out and put back anytime with the original setting continues. There is also a built-in sensation mechanism such that it automatically cuts off the power when taken out. Cooking is thus safe and reliable. Moreover, the rear cooling holes exist to prevent overheating, and the bottom insulation design helps to dissipate heat. Consequently, everyone can rest assured and totally enjoys cooking.

3.5L Smart Oil-Free Air Fryer PAF055035

The elegant pearl white body is most suitable for modern smart kitchens. With high firepower, smokeless cooking, and 360-degree hot air circulation, the air fryer is capable of cooking many kinds of dishes. It is also equipped with a large-capacity portable frying basket, which is convenient for taking out food and cooking more ingredients.

1.7L Mini Air Fryer PAF052017

The air fryer comes in a compact body and a cute appearance. The easy-to-use knobs to control temperature and time allows a novice to cook with no difficulty.

2.7L Smart Air Fryer PAF055027

With the stylish smart touch design, the fryer is simple to use. Selection of cooking mode, temperature and time are easy.

11L Air Fryer PAF500110

The super large-capacity air fryer is spacious enough to roast a whole chicken. With the transparent glass design, users can keep a close eye on the cooking unhindered.

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