Hashtag without limits

By Manju Parkavi

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate action of its members” — Coretta Scott King

Hashtag without Limits is a team of compassionate individuals who like to go above and beyond to encourage and support women in the community to make their visions and dreams come true.

HWL lays the platform for women to feel confident to take baby steps into the new world that they have migrated. They say meeting the right people at right time gives the best opportunity. HWL does exactly that. They are a bridge between experienced professionals and people who need to get into those professions through their workshops/events and online initiatives.

So, what is HWL and how was it created?

Hashtag without limits is a venture which has a mission to help and change lives. A bunch of active and cheerful software professionals who believe that social media can be used as a powerful tool to link the community, started working as a team brainstorming the idea of how they can make their mission into reality. Initially most of them met through social media groups and started associating themselves for various causes.

Who is going to be benefitted by HWL?

As new or recent migrants, many find it difficult to get a hold on so many aspects like their career, cracking their first job, writing a good resume, study plan, connecting with the community. HWL conducts workshops/events to meet these needs. Apart from career, many women develop their hobbies into amazing talents and they might want to take it to the community and develop it into a business. HWL organises stalls and exhibitions that give an opportunity to aspirant women entrepreneurs to present and showcase their products and talent. These stalls help provide a stepping stone for the budding business to grow.

What are the events conducted by HWL?

HWL has conducted two workshops one in 2018 and one in 2019 with the more than 200 attendees each year. Both workshops aimed to focus on the HWL core mission which is helping and changing lives. This was achieved by onboarding motivational speakers and local recruiters. These workshops guided women job seekers prepare a resume, attend interviews, find the right pathway to start their career, get to know about the experience of different jobs from experts in those fields, volunteering opportunities, financial assistance, and a lot more.

HWL also organised events in the name South Indians in Sydney (SIS) and Sydney Tamil Magalir Maiam (STMM) with more than 2500 attendees. It is very important to propagate and nurture our culture and showcase our diversity. These events focused on the same by providing cultural activity in which lots of talented people irrespective of age and gender were encouraged to participate. Part of the funds raised by these events were given to charity to help people in need.

What is the long-term goal for HWL?

Apart from workshops and events, HWL’s future plan is to implement ideas into reality. The team now has a wonderful set of people and professionals experienced in organising events and workshops. They have several useful ideas to deliver to community in the form of Events, seminars, workshops and online events. They also want to continue to entertain people with fun and celebration. They don’t want to limit to just organising and conducting them but want to take it a step further by supporting ideas from women who want to conduct similar workshops or events and help them conduct it in their community. In this way, the chain of women empowering women keeps continuing.

Recognition and award for HWL

When it comes to community, the council representatives never hesitate to provide support. Both labour and liberal party members have honoured the events by attending and appreciating the work done by HWL. Dominic Perottet-Treasurer of New South Wales, Stephen Bali-Mayor of Blacktown, Michelle Byrne-Mayor of Hills Shire, Damien Tudhope-Minister for Finance and Small Business are the prominent people who have attended past events and workshops. The team also has wonderful line-up of community sponsors to help the events. Founder Vinithra Jayaraman received an award from Womanity for her contribution and community work. As much as appreciation from a big organisation and political representatives is important, the team believes that real achievement is when women succeed in realising their dream through the help and support of HWL workshops and events.

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