Wyndham City announces winners of children’s art prize The Wynnies

By Our Reporter

Wyndham City has announced the winners of its children’s art prize The Wynnies and is hosting an exhibition that can be viewed by the community during daily exercise or online.

Hassan won the 9 to 12 years category for his portrait of his hero Chris Gayle, Eden won the 5 to 8 years category for drawing her cousin Airlie, and Ella drew her Aunty Mia in the 1 to 4 years category.

Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolio holder Cr Tony Hooper said the talent this year was outstanding and the judges had a difficult choice picking winners from the 159 creative portraits.

“The competition is aimed to engage children in the arts and encourage them to develop their creative skills,” Cr Hooper said.

“Because we are in Stage 4 restrictions, we cannot have an indoor exhibition, so we have exhibited every portrait on the window of the Werribee Library for residents to view as they take their hourly exercise—or it can be viewed on our online gallery.”

The 9—12 category winner, Hassan, said he painted a portrait of his favourite cricket player, Chris Gayle, because he was a role model in the world of cricket.

“I learnt how to spin from him and learnt his techniques and strategies,” he said.

Hassan, who is almost 11 years old, said he never won a drawing competition before and was “shocked and amazed” with the win which has inspired him to continue drawing.

To see the online gallery, visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wynnies

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