More than 40% of Wyndham’s young worried about mental health: Survey

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Council offers help for young people and their families

More than 40% of Wyndham’s young people are concerned about their mental health, a new Wyndham City survey reveals.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Josh Gilligan said almost 1,000 young people took part in the online survey from April to June 2020.

“The opt-in survey was for people aged 12-25 who lived, studied, worked or regularly spent time in Wyndham, providing Council with important data about how Wyndham’s young people are coping during this difficult time,” Cr Gilligan said.

“The survey revealed 44% of respondents were concerned about their mental health, while 55% were concerned about their stress levels. It is crucial young people know that Council has a range of free services that can help them with their mental health. This includes our youth and family counselling services and online activities connecting young people with their peers.”

Whether you want someone to talk to about issues that are affecting you or simply want a welcome distraction, we encourage you to access Wyndham City’s Youth Services, Cr Gilligan said.

“When it comes to counselling, no issue is too small to seek help for, and our experienced counsellors welcome your calls on any topic requiring support. As for our online activities, we have art classes, gaming chats, Friday night quizzes and so much more to keep you active and engaged.”

The survey results will inform Wyndham City’s Youth Services upcoming programs, activities and facilities for young people in the municipality.

To learn more about Council’s online activities for young people click here. To learn more about our counselling services click here

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