IT Based Trading Platform Company, ‘Vietmate’, Aims for ASEAN Market


– Vietmate proposes trading plans for Korean consumer good companies that wish to enter the ASEAN market
– Provides trading solutions optimized for the South East Asian Market… Supports Korean consumer good companies enter the market
SEONGNAM, South Korea, July 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Part of the ICT-Culture Convergence Center operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and National IT Industry Promotion Agency, Vietmate Inc. has revealed that it has established a beauty distribution network in the 3 countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, for the successful entering of the K-beauty industry into the ASEAN market. IT Based Trading Platform Company, ‘Vietmate’, Aims for ASEAN Market Vietmate has locked on to the ASEAN market, supporting Korean consumer good companies for 3 years that wish to enter the ASEAN(Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia) market in quickly establishing itself as an expandable business, and proposes trading plans that have been optimized for the unique situation of South East Asia. Current trading has the risk of having to directly discover buyers, costing a lot of time and money. The IT-based trading that Vietmate pursues is the opposite, having buyers come and find vendors with a smart and rapid expansion. Deokhwa Shin, the CEO of Vietmate, said, “Following being the ASEAN (Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia) market keeper, in the first half of 2021, we will close the cross border trade agreements in the African and Indian markets to help our companies save time and money and quickly and scalably expand overseas,” and went on to say, “By establishing an ASEAN belt, Vietmate plans to support Korean companies in quickly entering the market with potential for expansions.” In addition, Vietmate has established a platform that very closely keeps the basics of trading, and is in the process of applying for a patent. Vietmate’s platform provides Korean companies with the smartest opportunities for exports without having to go overseas, and appears to serve an important role in directly connecting Korean companies with buyers from overseas. Vietnam’s Mobile Messenger ‘Zalo’ Vietmate is the only Korean company that holds exclusive operating rights for the Korean section on ZALO SHOP of the Vietnamese mobile messenger. Branding through the mobile messenger ZALO is currently the best strategy to introduce products to the Vietnamese market, which covers 1,800km from North to South, with 63 regions, and a 90% cash purchase rate. Vietnam State Broadcast VTV MC Linh We continue to find partners for Korean consumer goods companies and support secondary marketing for product promotion. Usually, marketing in South East Asia is dominated by influencer marketing. However, Vietmate’s Vietnam business development team differentiates itself in its approach to marketing Korean products through cooperation with white collar people with influence, an understanding of K-beauty, and a willingness to cooperate. As such, efficiency is improved by working together with Linh, a leading MC working at the Vietnam state run station, VTV. Indonesian E-Commerce, Ralali The exclusive operation rights of the Korean store with Indonesian e-commerce Ralali, which is a service that will open in the fourth quarter of 20, is also the first CBT platform that Korean and Indonesian companies are trying. CBT(Cross Border Trading), is where products purchased by customers from overseas are sent to the customers directly from Korea. For Korean companies hoping to enter Indonesia, this is a great opportunity for both branding and cross border trading. Cambodia’s Mobile Pop-up Store In addition, the Cambodian subsidiary, ‘Cambomate’ was completed in May, and through consultation with a local large company that operates a K food chain, it utilizes a mobile pop-up store tailored to the local area to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. #Vietmate Inc. – Cong tnhhvietmate (Vietnam Vietmate) / Hanoi office / Ho Chi Minh office – [Vietnam Mobile] No.1 messenger , Zalo Shop has over 100,000 users, possess operating rights for the ‘main TOP banner’ on ZALO SHOP (exclusive in Korea)- [Vietnam Offline] No.1 “Drug Store”, Possesses vendor entry contract with Medicare, which operates around 100 stores all around Vietnam -[Vietnam No.3 Offline Distribution Market] Possesses official contract with SPA Southern Association, which operates 20,000 SPAs all over Vietnam (exclusive in Korea) – [Vietnam Online] No.1 ~4 E-commerce, Possesses official OA agreement- [Awards] Ministry of SMEs and Startups Minister’s Award “Youth Entrepreneur (12 companies) minister’s award” /  National IT Industry Promotion Agency ICT leading company designated for fostering #Established Cambodia Mate corporate body (Presided by Corporate Chair, operates 5 mobile marketing stores ) #Indonesia’s biggest B2B based E-commerce group, Ralali, “Possesses Korean store operation/ CBT exclusive operation agreements” #COSMETIC / FOOD categories “Vietnam, secured around 400,000 DATA on Indonesia import vendor list”  

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