GAC MOTOR Wins Customer Recognition for the GS8’s Stellar Safety Features


GUANGZHOU, China, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The proud new owner of a GS4 SUV, Dr. Noel Jusay Lacsamana already has his eyes set on a GS8 SUV. It wouldn’t be his first, though. In fact, Noel already had a GS8 – and it helped save his life. Dr. Noel Jusay Lacsamana receives his new GS4 SUV at GAC Dream Cars San Fernando On the evening of February 2, Noel and a friend were on a leisurely drive in his original GS8, cruising down Scout Limbaga Street in Quezon City, the Philippines. As he passed the intersection at Scout Ybardolaza Street, a speeding car charged onto the crossing and smashed into the right side of his car, with the collision’s impact sending it flying into the air. The car finally landed five meters away, rolling onto its left side. Thankfully, Noel and his friend were not seriously hurt. The car’s airbags, seatbelts, and side impact protectors worked together to help shield them during impact. Not only did this experience fully affirm his faith in GAC MOTOR vehicles, but the GAC Dream Cars San Fernando staff ensured that his transport needs were met in the aftermath of this incident. Incredibly moved, Noel expressed his gratitude on social media, sharing his astonishing story with family and friends. Dr. Noel Jusay Lacsamana shares his astonishing story with family and friends on social media GAC MOTOR believes that “safety is the first priority”, and is committed to ensuring customer well-being by integrating comprehensive and rigorous safety features into their vehicles. Adhering to international safety standards, the GS8 is equipped with the German Bosch ESP with “14-in-1” function. Featuring faster response and more reliable stability, the active safety system effectively prevents vehicle sideslip in emergencies. Advanced intelligent driving assistant technologies including adaptive cruise control system, forward collision warning, active brake assist, lane departure warning and 360° full-view parking image are also applied on GS8 to ensure the vehicle safety anytime. The exceptional safety offered by the GS8 lies in GAC MOTOR’s heavy focus in R&D. The company spent five years developing the GS8 to not just meet but exceed the most stringent of safety standards. As a result, the vehicle boasts the second-generation GAC® (Geometric Absorption Control) brand-new safe body design, a cutting-edge collision energy absorption technology. Meanwhile, 95% of the passenger compartment is fortified by high-strength steel in accordance with the SUV top crush resistance standard in North America, enabling it to withstand the shock of collision with ease. The GS8 is also equipped with all-round 8 airbags to provide comprehensive protection. The GAC MOTOR GS8 receives a 5-star safety rating with an excellent performance of 57.7 points With its robust features, the GS8 has achieved high ratings for its safety. During the China-New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) crash test, the GS8 was awarded a 5-star safety rating with an excellent performance of 57.7 points and outperformed its counterparts. Moreover, GAC MOTOR ranked number 1 in the J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study for seven consecutive years from 2013 to 2019. “During the crash, I saw how safe and durable the GS8 is. I love this car,” said Noel, the proud GAC MOTOR car owner, who has also bought a GS4 after receiving the extraordinary service from the dealer of GAC Motor. Winning consumers’ trust with high-quality product and considerate service, GAC MOTOR will continue its commitment to provide safe and enjoyable experience of mobility to global consumers. For more information, please visit:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Photo – – –  

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