Chicken soup for the bowl

By Nitin Gupta
Sherry Bali; (Right) Sherry with Khushboo

Nitin Gupta gives you the scoop on Sherry Bali’s The Soup Story

Australian Indian lifestyle and wellness coach Sherry Bali’s attempt at recording and sharing her family’s soup recipes with fitness hopefuls and enthusiasts ended with her compiling a book of recipes, and stories.

Sherry’s The Soup Story tells us first and foremost that soups are not a just a complete diet, they can also be a story. You must have heard of Love Stories, Hate Stories, War Stories, Toy Stories… well, it’s time to ladle up for this one.

Primarily a liquid food generally served warm or hot that is made by combining unique ingredients of vegetables and/or meat with stock or water, hot soups are additionally characterised by boiling solid ingredients in liquids in a pot until the flavours are extracted. Add in local produce and spices, some cooking customs and you have a soup linked to a region.

The Soup Story is a combination of soup recipes, and a fitness queen’s personal motivational stories on how she got back in shape, helped with diets comprising soups.

Combining popular soup ingredients with the her pro-fitness cuisine knowledge and personal experiences, and adding a personal story behind food—what emerges and evolves in Sherry’s book The Soup Story is something unique.

The writer is a Former Ministerial Adviser and a Guest Columnist for The Indian Sun

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