How to keep the motivation going when homeschooling during Coronavirus

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It’s been a couple of weeks into homeschooling and many parents are struggling to keep their children motivated to learn at home. For parents struggling to work from home it’s an added stress.

Here are some tips to help keeps kids motivated:

~ Create a schedule

Have some structure to the day. Younger children may prefer to complete their schoolwork in the morning when their energy levels are higher while research has shown that teenagers are better studying later in the day.

~ Don’t be a teacher

Facilitate your child’s learning. Don’t try and be teacher or replicate school. Be flexible, accept not every day will work, some days you just have to write off and start fresh the next day. Enjoy the time together and the chance to do it your way. Above all, make it fun.

~ Dedicated workspace

Find a dedicated space where your child can set up their computer and work. As you won’t have visitors to your home, they will need to be able to concentrate away from other family members and distractions.

~ Take a break

If you have a garden, even a 15-minute break outside is beneficial in restoring concentration levels. If you can’t get outdoors, there are online workouts specially designed for children such as Fitter Future. Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is also delivering PE lessons on his YouTube channel each morning. Help your child set goals and create a plan in bite size increments. Review the plan before starting work for the day. Short but regular working sessions with plenty of breaks and days off.

~ Find an interest

Tap into your child’s interests and dislikes. This is an ideal time to really engage them in topics they’d like to discover in greater depth. Give regular encouragement and stay positive, there will be good and bad days. If your child is feeling overwhelmed by the changes, try breaking work into much smaller sections.

~ Socialisation despite social distancing

If your child is missing their friends, encourage them to video call each other.

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