Creativity unleashed, currencies unveiled

By Siddharth Suresh

For those banking on crypto, some great news for India. Word is in that the Supreme Court ended a ban on banks dealing in virtual currencies such as cryptocurrencies including bitcoins. The order has quashed the Reserve Bank of India orders issued in April 2018 that had introduced the restriction, stating that virtual currencies raised “concerns of consumer protection, market integrity and money laundering”.

In other crypto news, and Handshake (HNS) seem to be a new reality when it comes to decentralising the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol. HNS is a new naming protocol that’s backwards compatible with the existing DNS. This allows the root zone to be uncensorable, permissionless and free of gatekeepers. Now, this could mean quite literally a whole new world.

While the year 2020 is clearly exciting on the crypto front, it’s always an incredible year in the arts. The year marks the 45-year milestone of musician Avijit Sarkar, who opens up The Indian Sun on a life as composer, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, poet, puppeteer, philanthropist and a polymath. Recipient of the Australia Day Award 2020 (by the City of Parramatta) for his contributions to Arts and Culture, Avijit has also written two books and left his footprint in every form of creativity in Australia.

Avijit speaks about how social media is an extraordinary phenomenon in the modern era. “If used judiciously, it can be one of the most powerful tools for marketing, social interaction, business and personal endeavours,” he says. He also speaks about how Australia has given him more opportunities in the arts than he could imagine getting in any other country. Read all about in our cover story this month.


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