DiDi adds weight to Sydney Rideshare Competition

By Our Reporter
  • DiDi confirms Sydney launch date, competitive fares and industry-leading driver service fees
  • Eligible early-bird drivers can keep 100% of trip fares for four weeks
  • Riders who sign up before launch to receive 50% off rides for four weeks

World-leading transportation platform, DiDi, has today announced that it will launch its safe, reliable and value-for-money rideshare service in Sydney, New South Wales, on Monday March 16.

Since entering Australia in May 2018, DiDi has attracted more than two million riders to its platform, with its forthcoming Sydney launch a major milestone as it continues to strengthen its rideshare offering in Australia.

DiDi currently operates across seven cities in four states, providing three services to Australians—‘Express’, carpooling offering ‘Share’, and its 7-seater ‘Max’ service.

As part of its Sydney launch, DiDi will launch its ‘Express’ and ‘Max’ services, providing Sydneysiders with safe, reliable and comfortable options for their rideshare journey.

DiDi offers competitive rideshare pricing and, on average, can be up to 10 per cent more affordable than other rideshare offerings in Sydney.

New DiDi riders in Sydney will receive a range of exciting and competitive offers:

  • Riders who sign up before March 16 will receive 50 per cent off rides for the first four weeks of launch, with up to $1,200 worth of discounts available for each rider
  • Riders who refer a friend will receive $20 in ride vouchers, while the referred friend will also receive $20 in ride vouchers to kick-start their ridesharing journey with DiDi.

DiDi is committed to maximising the income of its Driver partners whilst providing flexible earning opportunities. Meanwhile its Driver partner program, DiDi Advance, will reward performance through lower service fees.

DiDi Driver partners will receive attractive early-bird sign-up offers for the first four weeks of launch:

  • Driver partners who sign up to DiDi and are approved before March 11 will receive a five per cent service fee (equivalent to Platinum-level with DiDi Advance)
  • Approved Driver partners who successfully sign up two or more friends to drive for DiDi by March 11 will receive a zero per cent service fee (equivalent to Diamond-level with DiDi Advance), meaning they will take home their entire fare during this period.

After the first four weeks of Sydney launch, DiDi Advance will apply, which delivers Driver partners, across the four tiers, an industry-leading average service fee of 12 per cent.

DiDi has opened a DiDi Driver Hub in North Strathfield (Wotso Building, Upper Level, 7 George Street, North Strathfield) to onboard and prepare its Driver partners for the upcoming launch. Interested drivers are encouraged to download the DiDi Driver App or visit the DiDi Driver Hub for more information.

Mr. Lyn Ma, DiDi Australia General Manager, said: “DiDi’s entry into the global economic and cultural hub of Sydney is a huge milestone for our continued expansion across Australia and we’re confident that Sydneysiders will enjoy our industry-leading level of service and pricing which has proved amazingly popular in our other Australian cities.

“Sydney is home to some of the best attractions in the world and we are excited to provide its residents and visitors a safe, reliable and value-for-money way to get around one of the world’s most stunning cities.

“The trust our users have shown us is truly humbling and inspiring. We are eager to work alongside local stakeholders in the Sydney transportation industry, along with using leading AI technologies and local operational expertise, to innovate and build a better, trusted product with the aim to be Sydney’s preferred ridesharing platform.”

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