Joy Hopwood explores relationships in rom-com ‘Rhapsody of Love’

By Our Reporter
Ana Tiwary

Actor, writer and producer Joy Hopwood is directing her second feature, Rhapsody of Love, a rom-com starring Asian-Australians Damien Sato and Kathy Luu.

The plot follows four couples at different stages of their relationships and examines how love sometimes develops when it is least expected.

The cast includes Lily Stewart, Khan Chittenden, Benjamin Hanly, Jessica Niven, Tom Jackson, Hopwood, Amanda Benson, Sam Wang, Erica Long, Michael Giglio and Andrew Wang.

Asked if Rhapsody of Love would be more relatable than Crazy Rich Asians, Luu, whose credits include The Good Place, Fighting Season and The Unlisted, said: “This film is more like Crazy Middle-Class Asians, so definitely more relatable.”

Tiwary and Hopwood have been friends for more than 10 years. “When Joy got in touch last year seeking a producing partner, I joined to support a multicultural story and unconventional characters,” said Ana.

Hopwood made her directing debut last year on The Script of Life, a rom-com starring Erica Long and Callum Alexander as an advertising exec and a wannabe actor whose professional and personal lives collide.

In 2017 she scripted Pearl Tan’s The Casting Game, a comedy about a group of unconventional actors trying to make it big in Sydney and an Asian-Australian family who strive to make a visiting relative feel at home.

The producers said they raised the budget from sponsorships and private investors.


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