Film hopes to raise awareness on suicide with “lessons from a briefcase”

By Nitin Gupta

It’s imperative that we raise awareness on the issue of suicide, says Nitin Gupta

America based Imperfect Movies LLC is producing a film, titled The Beginning of the End, that aims to raise awareness on suicide.

As stress mounts, the number of suicides is increasing, even within America’s South Asian communities. So this film has a strong community message. The film has contributions and collaborations from artists, technicians and stakeholders from America’s Indian and Pakistani communities.

Directed by Ahsan Ali Zaidi, The Beginning of the End is the story of a girl, “Chava” (meaning life), who wants to end her own life, tired of her struggles. The role of Chava is played by well-known Pakistani television and movie star Kinza Hashmi, who in the past has received critical acclaim for portrayal of ‘Maria Bint-e-Abdullah’ in Seerat (2018). She also played ‘Rashna’ in Hum TV’s Ishq Tamasha (2018), for which she received a nomination for Best Negative Actor at the Hum Awards.

Another powerful character in the film is Professor Sid, who teaches Chava principles from the book “The Briefcase Life…Carry what matters the most”, taking her through his own journey of life. The role of Professor Sid is played by well-known pain specialist, and owner of the Pain Instacare Dr Rajan (Raj) Gupta, also the film’s producer.

As Dr Gupta says in his book, “Life is like a film, where there are good scenes and bad scenes, but in the end what matters is entertainment.”

The writer is a Former Ministerial Adviser, who drafted Victoria’s Bollywood Policy in 2006


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