Creating forever smiles

By Our Reporter

Dentist Ruchi Agarwal says patients need to be aware of the latest strides in dentistry especially in terms of technology

Can you design a smile? Well, it’s what Dr Ruchi Agarwal has been doing for more than 14 years now.

With almost two decades of professional experience in all aspects of dentistry and periodontics, Ruchi, based in  Melbourne, is skilled in Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Design and Periodontics. She is committed to creating beautiful smiles for everyone. In 2018, she also completed an accreditation in Pinhole Gum Surgery from California.

Ruchi made Australia her home nine years ago and since then has striven to carve a niche for herself in dentistry.

When she chose to make the move to Australia, Ruchi had already completed her bachelor’s in dental surgery and had been running her own private practice while also teaching at the dental university. She was awarded Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry in 2010, a year before she moved to Australia.

Dr Ruchi also worked in many charitable/not-for-profit dental hospitals.

Within a year of landing in Australia, she completed her requirements and accreditation with the Australian Dental Council and was officially registered as a dentist. “With that first step complete, I started working in a couple of dental practices in around Melbourne. I was lucky to offer periodontal consultancy in major and well-known dental groups in Melbourne and helped to provide advanced surgical and cosmetic gum treatment,” she says.

Ruchi is also committed to provide preventive services to save teeth by providing all sort of general dental, surgical periodontal (gum) treatment and non-surgical periodontal treatments. She has a special interest in periodontal surgical (flap surgery, regenerative periodontics which includes bone graft and guided tissue regeneration, surgical crown lengthening, gingivoplasty, frenectomy) and non-surgical periodontal treatment.

“I believe in evidence-based dentistry for my patients and continually improve my knowledge and skills in general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry as well as periodontics by attending many professional dental courses and training in Australia and internationally,” says Ruchi, who in 2014 participated in the International Academy of Periodontology Conclave in Bangkok to discuss on “Global strategies to address periodontal health and disease”. “Early diagnosis and intervention makes it possible to prevent losing teeth,” she says.

Teaching is one of her other passions, and Ruchi worked as a demonstrator and clinical supervisor in the Department of Periodontics, Melbourne Dental School and really enjoyed teaching and helping students.

“I believe that communication, education and motivation of patients are one of the key factors for treatment success and maintenance,” says Ruchi.

Having a paramount interest in patient care Dr Agarwal opened her own family dental practice “Chelsea Dental” in 2015, which helps patients from all the age groups “continue spreading smiles”.

“Setting up a practice is never easy. It certainly needs determination, dedication and hard work. I am lucky to have a supporting husband Amit Agarwal, who stood by me all through,” says Ruchi, who also has a daughter.

“The field of dentistry is continuously evolving to suit patients’ dental needs. For instance, there is  the VELscope (a special light that can detect early cancers in mouth), CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted manufacture), Intraoral scanners, intraoral cameras, digital photography, digital dental education, tooth regeneration (stem cells), and so much more.”

What I like about Australia

It is a beautiful, clean and a multicultural country where I found there is opportunity to grow. We are lucky to be so close to nature with beautiful beaches, white sands, great barrier reef (Cairns), wildlife and of course the Melbourne city lights and lifestyle. No wonder Melbourne was awarded as most liveable city for continuous years many times. I feel immense proud to be a part of Melbourne and as my home.


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