Road, rail and energy-from-waste top Wyndham’s infrastructure list for funding

By Our Reporter

Major road and rail projects, and investment in Energy from Waste have topped Wyndham City’s list of the most important infrastructure projects in need of funding.

Wyndham City Council has made a formal submission to Infrastructure Australia ahead of the release of its 2020 Infrastructure Priority List. The submission includes a list of Wyndham’s most important infrastructure projects.

The Infrastructure Priority List is a list of nationally significant projects, which provides the Federal and State Government decision makers with advice and guidance on infrastructure investments that will benefit the entire country.

Wyndham City’s top priorities are the establishment of the Wyndham West Link, the Outer Metropolitan Ring, the Geelong-Melbourne rail electrification, the Western Interstate Freight Terminal, the Sunshine and Geelong fast-rail connection, via Wyndham, Energy from Waste, and preschool and secondary school infrastructure in growth areas

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Mia Shaw said these projects were vital to ensuring residents can travel on Wyndham’s road and rail systems with greater ease, allow Council to continue its proud reputation of reusing and recycling and ensure our youngest members of the community have enough schools to meet our development requirements in Wyndham.

“Wyndham’s rapid population growth is creating issues for our communities that only major infrastructure projects can solve.”

“We need true collaboration between all levels of government to help deliver the projects that will reduce traffic congestion and take advantage of Wyndham’s strategic location as the gateway between Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and western Victoria. We are confident that these major infrastructure projects will be included on the list and this will give those who allocate funding in State and Federal Government further evidence that these projects are vital not only for Wyndham but for the entire country,” Cr Shaw said.

Cr Shaw said Council completed parts of the Westlink road and bridge project—running from Wyndham West and Wyndham North—through developer contributions but needed between $50 to $100 million to complete the project.

“This will relieve significant congestion in Wyndham’s North and West and provide access to future employment hubs,” Cr Shaw said. “We were delighted that the electrification of the Melbourne-Geelong rail line was included in last year’s list and we are seeking to have it included in this year’s 2020 update.”

Increased rail capacity between Geelong and Melbourne, via Wyndham, is crucial to unclogging major roads and improving liveability for residents throughout Wyndham, Geelong and Melbourne, Cr Shaw said.

“Waste and recycling are essential services and we need the Federal, State and Local Governments to work together to leverage capital costs to build Energy from Waste facilities. Wyndham is already proactive with its Refuse Disposal Facility Strategic Plan and Vision 2040, that highlights modern and innovative ways to recover materials and energy from wastes—but we need the full support of the State Government for these plans to be put into practice.”


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