Swarnali’s Fashion Talk

By Swarnali Sikder
The model is wearing a suit and has draped the saree as half scarf and half evening outfit, which gives a fusion flavour to it
Fashion Talk with Swarnali

“Fashion is something that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren

Fashion is a favoured aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportion. It is distinctive and vast.

It defines culture and art. It is about following the ruling trend and how we bring out the right sight of us with right styling and behaviour.

A beautiful saree has been styled with African feathers to give that afro western look. This draping style can either be used for an evening party or may be even casual outing

Fashion describes the social and temporal system that activates outfits  as a social signifier in a certain time and context.

Fashion plays an integral part in bringing cultures together. I recently did a photoshoot using the exclusive collection of five pleats sarees with balzi click and all I wanted to bring out to the world through my styling is how we can drape a saree in the western world and not tag it as cultural attire. We can wear sarees as an evening outfit, summer dress, wedding outfit, at a polo match and also like a casual outfit.

The model has worn a half saree and half skirt — perfect for events and social gatherings

Fashion according to me is what we buy and style is what we do with it. As a stylist, I believe there are no set rules or boundaries of what we can or can’t do in fashion.

We all live in a multicultural environment and we all please our tastebuds with different cuisines so why not experience wearing outfits from different parts of the world and finding ways of making them use of them as our everyday wear.  I believe the job of a stylist is to bring cultures together through fashion.

Model: Lenna Holt; Photography: Balzinder Balz; Sarees from Five Pleats; Styling by Swarnali Sikder


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