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Srikanth Lokesh and Abhishek Kandi

Two friends—Srikanth Lokesh and Abhishek Kandi—with one vision, to make their global services company among the best in terms of Accounting, Taxation and Mortgage Services

Abhishek Kandi began working in his family business when he was eight years old. “I worked there till the day I left India,” he says.

Some values don’t change. Today, Abhishek still believes in keeping it within the family, working with his best friend Srikanth Lokesh, the two of them having set up Infinity Group of Services in 2017.

Abhishek’s path to Infinity was straight but challenging. After completing a Master of Professional Accounting in Melbourne at Central Queensland University in 2012, Abhishek joined a Melbourne-based accounting practice for about three years, until in 2015 he took up a full-time career as an accountant. “After a year the director gave me the opportunity to do a financial planning diploma so that I would be an asset to his firm. After that I have completed my Diploma in Mortgage Broking and make a career of Finance and Mortgage Consultant. All credit goes to my previous boss who is more than a brother to me, who have done so much for me to become who I am Today! But somehow due to miscommunication and external forces, I moved out of the company.” says Abhishek.

Srikanth has over a decade experience in the Accounting and Public Practice. He completed his Master of Commerce and became a Chartered Accountant in 2008 and attained various post qualifications and certifications. In India he used to handle internal audits of multinational companies, various statutory audits, bank audits and is well versed in financial reporting.

Srikanth then moved to Australia in 2016. “I worked in a medium-size firm and I completed my CPA. During those days to support my family I took odd jobs tutoring university students, driving and still managing to put eight hours of study a day to clear my CPA,” says Srikanth.

He met Abhishek that year as they worked in the same company and that was when the two of them realised they had one thing in common—they were both passionate and to gain the benefit of Synergy.

“While Abhishek’s forte is finance and mortgage, mine is accounting and taxation,” says Srikanth, which is what he believes makes them such as formidable force at Infinity Group of Services.

Srikanth and Abhishek speak to The Indian Sun about their plans.

What made the two of you choose to run a business as opposed to working for someone else?

Abhishek: The only person I worked for is my father. Even in my previous employment, I would take ownership of the task so I felt it was my own work.

Srikanth: I went through a lot of ups and downs at the workplace. I realised it was important to follow my dreams to be an entrepreneur, and since Abhishek was a strong supporter and believed in me I immediately jumped on the offer to create to Infinity Group of Services with him.

When you work for someone you work within perimeters. But when you work for yourself the dreams have endless possibilities. My father always taught me that if you put an apostrophe between ‘I’ and ‘m’ in the word “impossible” the word becomes ‘I am possible’.

Bill Gates started Microsoft with his best friend Paul. Larry Page started Google with his best friend Sergey. I have started Infinity Group of Services with my best friend Abhishek Kandi.

How different are you from other companies in the same industry?

Srikanth: Infinity is governed by its core values. Our work culture defines our company’s character. These simple, yet powerful values guide us in making decisions for ourselves and for our clients.

Our high standards and service make all the difference.

Abhishek: I don’t see any competition from outside, I see competition within, I compete with myself every moment, every day. Our mortgage broking firm is different from others in that every new customer comes as a referral from an existing customer. That is our strength. When you take care of your clients, they will take care of you.

What does one have to watch out for?

Srikanth: I was given false hope by a ‘snake’ who I worked with. On another occasion, what I saw as an opportunity in Melbourne I later realised was a trap. The person was fraudulent, incompetent, cunning and a crook. First, I was bitten by a snake and thereafter a fake. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. All I can say is beware of snakes and fakes in Australia.

Are you involved in community work? 

Srikanth: We truly believe in giving back to society. I have been involved with many groups / associations and supported their events. From this year we have committed to contribute 5% of our revenues to the community and charity.

Can you list some of your services? 
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Company, Trust and Partnership Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Payroll Services
  • Business Advisory
  • Registrations and Regulatory Services
  • Home Loans
  • Refinance and Construction Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Personal, Car and Truck Loans
  • SMSF Housing Loans

What plans in terms of business growth?

Srikanth: Our company vision is stoked by a passion for helping clients analyse their financial information to make better decisions for the financial health of their business. Our mission is to help people understand their businesses and do more with their cash flow, while helping them to get back on track to meet their financial goals.

Abhishek: We want to be one of the most recognised global services companies in the world.


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