Improved parking across Werribee City Centre

By Our Reporter

Residents will soon be able to park with greater ease in Werribee City Centre following Council’s adoption of the Werribee City Centre Parking Strategy at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 25 June.

The new Strategy will include the addition of public parking spaces, an increase to time limits in the City Centre, maintaining free on-street parking and more options for long-stay parking.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Mia Shaw said the Parking Strategy was developed using detailed research and traffic analysis in Werribee City Centre and informed by community consultation, with feedback from customers, residents, business owners, workers and other stakeholders.

“We developed the Parking Strategy to meet the community’s desire for vibrant, safe, welcoming and attractive places to shop, socialise and conduct business,” Cr Shaw said.

“The new parking concepts, which will be rolled out in 2019/20, will bring more people to the City Centre and allow them to stay longer, which is not just convenient but will offer the local economy a welcome boost.”

Cr Shaw said a key component of the Strategy was the delivery of 467 additional public parking spaces.

There will be 90 extra public car parking spaces at the Gateway Site on the corner of Duncans and Synnot Street and 400 additional public car parking spaces at the Cherry Street site on the corner of Cherry St and Jellicoe St.

“The Parking Strategy will look to use Smart Cities technology, such as signage showing how many spaces are available at carparks and wayfinding signage within multi-story carparks,” Cr Shaw said.

“The use of such technology creates an efficient and simple parking experience for our customers.”

As part of the Strategy, the all-day paid business parking permit system will be replaced with a more flexible system available to customers and workers in premium off-street parking facilities. It will include free short-term parking for up to three hours and pay-per-use for longer-stay parking. The system will be introduced after the completion of the carpark within the Hunter Werribee development on the corner of Synnot St and Duncans Rd.

“This new system will enable customers to spend more time in the City Centre enjoying its attractions and provide City Centre workers, students and visitors with greater choice and convenience for all-day parking, so they don’t need to waste time searching for ideal parking spots or leaving work every few hours to move their cars,” Cr Shaw said.


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