Shooting star

By Our Reporter
George Joseph

Even when he was young, all George Joseph dreamed about was the movies. As he grew up, the dreams got bigger until finally in 2000, when finished his cinematography course and joined Saloo George, who was a well known cinematographer in South Indian films.

After working 15 movies with him till 2005, George began working in the film industry as an associate cameraman.

In 2006, he moved to Australia in search of opportunities to work in films. In 2007, he did cinematography for Mera Pati Ho To Aisa, which was the first Hindi film shot in Melbourne with local Indian artists.

“For me, camera movement and composition are just as important as lighting. How a frame moves into the next frame. I try to make the camera movement a part of the emotional connection of the talent in the films,” says George.

George worked on a film with Asok Chavali. In 2008, he worked on Ghar Pardes with Vimal Reddy.

In 2009, he started his own production unit called Visual Media Movies which produces commercial ad films, wedding videos, documentaries, and corporate films.

George also directed a short film called What is Love in 2017. He is directing a English short film now.


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