‘Migrant services will focus on employment’

By Our Reporter

Hon David Coleman MP sworn in as Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs

Hon David Coleman MP was sworn in on 29 May by the Governor General as Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs. “Australia’s story is one of immigration. We welcome people to this country based on what they can contribute—regardless of race, religion, or cultural background. We celebrate the success of migrants from all corners of the globe,” said Mr Coleman.

In a statement released after his swearing in, Mr Coleman said: Migrant success stories define our nation. The small business person who takes a chance, works hard, and employs dozens of Australians. The professional who uses their skills to help grow our economy. The religious leader who provides spiritual guidance to their community. The married couple who make huge sacrifices so that their kids can have opportunities that were not available to them. These are the stories of Australia—in every town and suburb.”

He said the Government will continue to run an orderly, non-discriminatory immigration programme that is focused squarely on our national interests, and maintain a strong emphasis on the economic benefits of migration, filling gaps in skilled employment to help grow the economy.  We will continue to progress initiatives that better match our immigration programmes to the differing needs across our regions.  We will implement our reduced cap on permanent migration to take pressure off our cities, while offering more opportunities for skilled migration in regional Australia,” said Mr Coleman.

“In our citizenship activities, we will continue to emphasise the rights—and obligations—that come with being an Australian. We will honour the heritage of our citizenship and ensure that the next generation of citizens are fully cognisant of what it means to be an Australia.”

He added that he was pleased to take on the additional responsibility of Minister for Migrant Services. “We will back migrants who want to work hard, play by the rules and contribute to the growth of our nation. The key outcome we will be focused on in Migrant Services is employment. In integrating into Australian life, there is nothing more important than getting a job.”


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