This is the Budget Labor Party did not want multicultural communities to see…

By Our Reporter
Neil Angus (Photo Courtesy: NTD Television)

…says Liberal Party MP Neil Angus

This year’s Multicultural Affairs budget has been cut by $18.5 million representing a 23.81% cut in services and available grants funding for our multicultural communities, said Liberal Party MP Neil Angus.

“Multiculturalism is our State’s greatest asset with 28.4 per cent of our population born overseas, coming from over 200 countries, speaking 260 different languages and over more than 130 different faiths. Every year thousands people are making Victoria their home with many migrants coming to our state from a much wider range of countries than in the past.”

Mr Angus said that cuts to the Multicultural Affairs budget will make it difficult for many community organisations to continue providing the ongoing support that so many new Victorians need.

Victoria is the highest taxing state in Australia and despite introducing 20 new taxes since first elected, Daniel Andrews just can’t find the money to support our multicultural communities, said Mr Angus.


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