Burgers that are incredibly Indian

By Our Reporter

What’s this butter chicken burger everyone’s raving about? The Indian Sun turns to Payal Bisht of Burger Shurger for answers 🍔

Think a bun and curry, a balance of spice and flavour, a blend of everything that’s Indian and western and that’s at precisely the point Burger Shurger stands. Loosely translated to ‘burgers and stuff’, Burger Shurger was started in April of last year. “We love burgers and like most people always dreamt of opening a burger place,” says Payal. “Since, the Melbourne Burger market was so saturated with new burger shops opening every day and offering the same fare, we decided to take it up a notch and do something with authentic Indian flavours. Our burgers are a perfect fusion of Indian and American cuisine,” Payal says.

One of the more popular results of this fusion is possibly the Mighty Butter Chicken burger, which you guessed it, as fried spiced chicken, doused in butter chicken curry, with a little yogurt, mint chutney and slaw on the side. Masala fries too of course. Another that hit home is the curried Vada Pav.

“We create the ultimate Indian burgers,” says Payal. “No one has ever done this in Australia. Apart from our butter chicken burger, we have the pao bhaji burger, keema pav burger and many more. The pataka or firecracker ribs are another crowd favourite.”

⭐️ Where do you source your produces from for your burgers?

We get fresh meat from our meat supplier. The meat is halal. The spices are sourced from Indian spice suppliers.

⭐️ What’s driving the business now: A business mind or passion for food? 

It’s all passion for food at this moment. I am not from the hospitality background but take pride in knowing the right flavours. I’m super passionate about delivering something unique and tasty food.

⭐️ What kind of customers are coming through now?

We are definitely attracting a young crowd, uni students because the place is hip and buzzing with Bollywood music. But the flavours of home bring in Indian families, who also love our  Indian-inspired cocktails.

⭐️ What’s your favourite burger and why?

Butter Chicken Burger because it combines the traditional flavour loved by most Indian foodies in an innovative fusion.

⭐️ What’s your take on Indian food in Melbourne?

I have never been too excited about Indian food in Melbourne. However, with all the new Indian fusion places opening up it is very exciting. It’s about time Indian food is taken seriously and is not just a curry takeaway option for people.

Visit us @ 297 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick 3185 (Near the station). Follow us on Instagram @burgershurgerelsternwick and Facebook /burgershurgerelsternwick


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