No place for terror, a community comes together

By Siddharth Suresh

The Indian community in Australia came together last month to show solidarity to the victims of the of the terrorist attack on Indian soldiers in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir, that left at least 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel dead. Members of the Indian community gathered on the steps of Victorian Parliament in Melbourne to peacefully protest the attack, while members of the United Indian Associations Inc organised a candle light vigil on Sunday, 17 February, at Jubilee Park in Parramatta, the central hub of the Indian community in Sydney.

The Indian Sun salutes the martyrs of Pulwama.

Since the beginning of last year, we’ve been dabbling with the idea of introducing tokens as rewards for our readers and enabling the creation of an internal attention-economy. On 25 February, we launched Sun Tokens on the Waves Blockchain with the aim to incentivise our ecosystem of readers, contributors and advertisers. Although such tokens are only being trialled and tested by publishers, we wanted to take a step in familiarising our readers with the idea from an early stage of this tech.

We hope to encourage readers to proactively use our platforms and to stay connected with peers in the community. In the process of delivering tokens, readers get the opportunity to build a community asset that has actual value that they can redeem with partner outlets or exchange on Waves exchange for USD or bitcoin. They can also buy and sell goods and services with each other using these tokens. The Indian Sun will proactively sign up partners to make the token ecosystem active.

For the next several months, we intend to airdrop and give away tokens to readers who set up wallets on their mobile devices. We will simultaneously talk with our clients and offer them incentives to accept these tokens.

February was a busy month, as The Indian Sun also launched the first edition of Adelaide’s Who’s Who on 24 February at Sammy’s Marina in Glenelg. The launch edition recognised select businesses that have inspired and made the Indian community in Australia proud.

Also, do check out the cover story this month—the experiences of an Indian traveller in Pakistan.


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