Sun Tokens: Stay informed, stay rewarded

By Our Reporter

In a pioneering step in community publishing, The Indian Sun on 5 February launched Sun Tokens on Waves platform to rewards its readers. Sun Tokens (ST), built on Waves blockchain, aims at delivering community news and advertising to readers online and offline more effectively. Offering rewards to readers directly into their waves platform wallet can revitalise our readership base and improve engagement. Waves platform uses blockchain technology and has its own cryptocurrency called Waves Tokens.

The Indian Sun can now allow advertisers to directly reach out to readers by issuing rewards to them for their engagement. To take advantage of the offers and promotions run by advertisers, readers need to download waves wallet on their iOS or Android devices. You can download Waves Wallet from

The idea was conceptualised to encourage readers to proactively use our platforms and to stay connected with peers in the community. In the process of delivering tokens, readers get the opportunity to build a community asset that has actual value that they can redeem with partner outlets or exchange on Waves exchange for USD or Bitcoin. They can also buy and sell goods and services with each other using these tokens. The Indian Sun will proactively sign up partners to make the token ecosystem active.

From an advertisers’ point of view, we believe that tokens will pave way for our readers to stay in touch with the services offered by them. By accumulating tokens earned from our platforms, readers can avail for discounts or even cover costs of some of our advertisers services. This will help create customer loyalty. Since The Indian Sun is a community platform with a sizeable ecosystem of readers and small businesses, we firmly believe that an effective rewards programme run through us can benefit readers the most.

The value of each token is USD$.005. There are a total of 108 million tokens out of which we will issue tokens to readers and organisations from this pool of 108 million. Each token issued will have a value based on advertising spend committed to us towards creating tokens.

Steps to receive tokens:
  1. Download Waves wallet on iOS (App Store), Android (Google Playstore) and Desktop from
  2. Join our Newsletter database and get ST250 rewards. Share your wallet address on Facebook Messenger; If you are an existing member of our database, share your wallet address on Facebook Messenger
  3. Like, share our stories on social media. Be a regular on our pages and win tokens. Remember, we are active on our pages and your voice will not go unheard 🙂
  4. Share stories, images in our Facebook group and get rewarded
  5. Join us on Discord and win 500 tokens.


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