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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Kamaldeep Singh

Kamaldeep Singh | Entrepreneur

Kamaldeep Singh arrived in Australia in 2008 with his family, and says what he loves about his newfound home is that his children can roam free and without fear.

As an Indian Australian business entrepreneur, he says he is proud of what he has managed to achieve in the last few years. “It is never easy to start your own business, whether you are an Indian or an Australian, so I feel extremely proud of the achievements that my company has achieved in the recent years. We are always happy to support the Indian community, to gain respect and acknowledgment from the Indian Australian community is extremely humbling. It also drives to perform better,” he says.

Kamaldeep, who was a travel sales consultant in India, turned into a travel entrepreneur in Australia, the single most important moment in his career being the day his daughter was born, because he believes it heralded a new beginning for him. “The day she was born, my struggles to open a travel agency ended. The business loan I was refused thrice got approved and today I have a successful business,” says Kamaldeep, who founded Travel Care.

His piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs is that a good idea does not guarantee success. “A lot of people have ideas. The key to success is in the execution of that idea and that’s where your focus needs to be,” he says.

The way I see it

Growth… Cannot be measurable or defined. For a small business owner like me, growth is continuously improving myself, and making sure we make our mark in the Industry

Business mantra… A business will only thrive when you have a team that feels comfortable with the challenges and vision of the company

Favourite quote… There are no secrets to success, it is a result of preparation hard work and learning from failures

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