A Parliament win, and a human connect


Great news to begin the year with—an Indian migrant elected to Parliament. Although it did happen last year, the Indian community is still celebrating the achievement of Kaushaliya Vaghela, who came to Australia 20 years ago as a student and now finds herself the first Indian born MP in the Victorian Parliament. “I’m a fanatic for freedom, fairness, feminism, food, fitness, and family,” says Kaushaliya.

Kaushaliya had earlier served as advisor to Minister of Multicultural Affairs Hon Robin Scott and joined the party last year.

One of our writers had met author and motivational speaker Kamal Sarma, who has led an interesting life from living in Assam to moving to Australia and then returning to India to live in an Ashram before starting off on a corporate career. When his daughter died, he struggled with depression before becoming the inspiring speaker he is today. He has written three books on mental resilience and leadership, all of which I am told are very inspiring to read. Human Connections are what he “specialises” in, if you can term it that. His interview here throws up some rather interesting observations on life and human nature.

His son Kailash too seems to be a teen innovator. His ‘Academy of Speakers’ teaches public speaking to youth from the indigenous and refugee communities. It’s not surprising that his dad is his role model.

But all in all, a great cover story to read. Enjoy the issue.


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