Rishabh Pant—He’ll hit you for a six, babysit your kids


As Google searches soar for this new ‘nanny’, will the Indian wicketkeeper be the next babysitter millionaire?

Melbourne: Australian Cricket Captain Tim Paine’s on-field “babysitting” banter for Indian wicketkeeper cum batsman Rishabh Pant has been trending, becoming one the most googled item in early days of 2019.

Pant’s sporting photograph with Bonnie Paine (Tim Paine’s wife) and her kids taken at Australian PM’s official residence went viral as well. Bonnie shared the picture on her Instagram account with the caption “Best Babysitter”, while Cricket Australia also shared the photograph.

Now Bharat Army volunteers came up with a rap song on Pant’s babysitting and six hitting skills (He’ll hit you for a six, babysit your kids), while he was batting at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) during the Day Two of Fourth Test Match of “Gavaskar Border Trophy 2018-19”.

Tim Paine may not realise it, but he may have gifted millions of dollars over lifetime earnings to Rishabh Pant that would flow in form of future baby products and related endorsements and sponsorships.

Comments former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta, “Baby products are a huge market in India, and across the globe. I don’t think any male sportsman in the past has been in huge demand endorsing these products. But the unique position Pant is in currently, thanks to Tim Paine’s on field banter. He may soon be earning millions more by endorsing baby products worldwide. It’s a huge market, and Pant comes across as a cute face that can be trusted with the task of babysitting. Besides every city Pant travels to, he would be in huge demand to be photographed with kids and mums. It would only get bigger and better for him. ”

Mr Gupta adds that young families with children, and mothers with babies are perhaps one the biggest spenders. “You have businesses like Childcare and Kinder Schools booming in India. And Pant comes across as a cute face ready to conquer the baby product market. The market is endless. A ‘wink’ had turned Priya Prakash into an online millionaire overnight. And Paine’s banter would most likely ring in a million plus dollars for Pant,” he says.

Aussie mumprenuer Dheepa Awtani of ‘Babydelaw’ products couldn’t agree more. She comments, “I would love to have the cute Rishabh Pant babysit my kid. I am not sure at this stage if I could afford to hire him to endorse my line of products, as mine is just a start-up business at the moment.” But when the business grows, Pant, she says, would be her first choice celebrity for brand ambassador.

In the current Test series, Pant has scored more runs, and is also averaging more than King Kohli. While on internet searches, he is currently beating both Kohli and Pujara thanks to his batting performance coupled with the babysitter banter. Even Indian butter giant ‘Amul’ has come up with a cartoon on Rishabh Pant—the babysitter.


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