IACC to host Diwali at Gumbuya World

IACC Diwali at Gumbuya World

Indian Association Cardinia Casey (IACC) is set to host Diwali at Gumbuya World this year on 10th November 2018 between 6 pm and 9:30 pm.

Gumbuya World—Victoria’s newest Theme Park offers Worlds of Fun, Adventure, and a chance to get up-close to incredible Native Australian Wildlife.

Most probably the first “Theme park Diwali event in Australia”, this event aims to unite all communities in harmony and dispense the flamboyant and vibrant Indian culture into Australian society.

AFL Ambassador and AIBC Member Mrs Neha Soudagar has been announced as the MC for IACC’s Diwali 2018 @ Gumbuya World.

This is merely not yet another Diwali event, but an effort to open up the gateway to regional Victoria and promote Cardinia shire tourism and wildlife.

Neha Soudagar will be the MC at the event

Hosting Diwali at a landmark location, not only attracts mainstream communities to be part of the event, but also gives Indian Community an opportunity to take a step towards blending with other cultures.

The evening promises to be an exuberant affair with Indian Music/Bollywood tunes to sway to, a fine selection of Indian delicacies, myriad of performances to entertain the crowds, thrilling rides and extensive Australian wildlife at Gumbuya World and a brilliant laser-show to end the night on a high.

“We are expecting to host over 3 to 4 thousand people at this mammoth event. Given that this event will bring a lot of traction to Cardinia Shire and surrounds, Diwali 2018 is being supported by a lot of local community groups, businesses and the public.” Commented Mrs Aanchal Mahajan from IACC.

Gumbuya World looking forward to engaging with Indian community by celebrating Diwali

The event has got a big “Thumbs Up” from former Ministerial Adviser Mr Nitin Gupta. “After the recent dollar investments towards reinventing the Gumbuya World, we now have in Victoria an International Theme Park that is pretty much on same standards as theme parks in Orlando (USA), or in Queensland. It’s a great initiative to host Diwali at Gumbuya World, and I would like to congratulate the whole team of IACC for all their efforts to host Diwali at a Theme Park. Hopefully next year more Theme Parks around Australia would follow in celebrating Diwali and other Indian events.” Commented Mr Gupta

The event is open to all by registering online on the IACC website. Attendees can pre-purchase festival entry tickets for $10 per person or Gumbuya World family passes to enjoy unlimited amusement rides and wildlife park at Gumbuya World (between 6 pm-9:30 pm) through our system at a cost of $50 for a family of 4 (which is normally $180). This is inclusive of festival entry and will enable the guests to skip ticketing queues at the venue on the day, and make full use of the passes as soon as they get there.


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