Meet the Indian Executive Club finalists…


And it’s out! The most awaited list of finalists for the Indian Executive Awards, coming up this November

Every year, an independent panel of consultants considers nominations received for the IEC Awards and hand-picks the best from various sectors in the small and medium enterprise segments and executives. And this year, the list of finalists is from fields more diverse than ever before.

This year, the keynote speaker for the IEC awards night is Jamie Skella, the co-founder of Horizon State. He will speak about his journey in blockchain and its future in the tech world. Technologist and strategist Skella, Winner of the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award, will also speak about how he created his digital ballot box, which aims to make the process of voting more transparent. The IEC Awards will be held on 17 November, at Langham. The main sponsor of the IEC Awards is Coin Centric, Australia’s fastest growing crypto exchange.

From tech solutions to the world of pageantry, technology to education, here’s a sneak peek at this year’s finalists in various categories:


1. Chondryma Chakroborthi

Diversity champion, industry mentor for TechGirls, IT project manager and multicultural ambassador, Chondryma wear many hats. And not only that, when she finds a little time in her schedule, she coaches for TechGirls in Secondary schools. Over the last 12 years, Chondryma has worked with Accenture working to build strong client relationships, managing project deliveries, mentoring her teams and generating revenue for the company, but most importantly working with other female leaders and executives to empower a strong female engagement in the firm.

2. Misha Mahendru

Misha Mahendru arrived in Australia in 2012, and after getting associated with a Registered Training Organisation that year, her career has been on a steady growth path. Misha, now the CEO of Sacred Heart International College, says looing back at the early days puts a smile on her face as she remembers how she would balance work and studies. Multi-tasking didn’t stop there. Misha is now a proud mum and strikes the perfect balance between being CEO of the college and carrying out mum duties.

3. Reinuka Sharma

A senior management consultant at KPMG, Reinuka Sharma is one of the emerging leaders in the field of management consulting in assisting small to large-scale organisations in strategy development and improving operational performance such as supply chain and procurement.  She has been working as a senior management consultant with one of the Big Fours—KPMG in helping drive business and organisational success for both public and private sector organisations.


1. Jayesh Vasani

Jayesh Vasani, managing director of the Air Voice Group, is an inspirational and influential leader, having grown the company from scratch, starting with purchasing two existing Vodafone stores in 2012 to owning 42 Vodafone stores across Australia. Jay has also been very active in driving engagement with the local Indian community across all states in Australia but particularly in Adelaide where he lives.

2. Prabhakar Agraja
3. Prashanth Puspanathan

A psychiatrist by profession, Prash says making the transition to running a financial services brokerage was a huge leap and an ongoing steep learning curve. “But running a business, I have learnt is primarily still about people and with my background, people is something I understand and enjoy,” he says. Today, his company Caleb & Brown is among the largest cryptocurrency brokerage firms in Australia by both client numbers as well as trading volume.


1. Dr. Preeti Khillan

Dr Preeti Khillan is a Founder and Director of My OBG, Director of Western Specialist Centre and an experienced obstetrician & gynaecologist and highly acclaimed academician. She is an Examiner for the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and an exceptionally qualified professional drawing upon her experiences from India (MBBS, MS), USA (International College of Surgeon), UK (Member of Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Australia (Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology), to inform her clinical practice as an obstetrician & gynaecology in Australia. She can speak English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Urdu and some Arabic, and uses these skills to cater for the social sensitivities of our community.

2. Sangeetha Singh

The reigning Mrs Earth Air, Sangeetha Singh is an IT professional of Indian origin settled in Australia. She started modelling at the age of 28 when her son was two years old and currently holds three International pageant titles—Mrs Earth Australia 2018, Mrs Continents 2017 and Mrs Australia Planet 2015. She believes in giving back to the community, and works extensively towards creating awareness on ovarian cancer, and is an ambassador of the TelaWingsOfHope organisation.

3. Shama Bhangu

Shama Bhangu works with Sanjhi Awaaz Radio Station, based in Melbourne (Australia), a popular Punjabi radio station that offers relevant and engaging content for the Punjabi speaking community of Melbourne. Ever since its inception six years ago, the radio station has aimed at offering an affordable and wide reaching medium for the Punjabi community to advertise its various activities and events. The channel also reaches out to the community by promoting events free of charge.


1. Jey Srikantha

Jey Srikantha, CEO of Jeylabs, is a talented technology consultant had a dream to bring “The Jey Difference” to the businesses in town. Jeylabs was planted in the suburb of Epping in Victoria and quickly sprouted into a successful technical consultancy. In 2015, Jey became a paraplegic due to a back surgery going wrong, but never let that stop him. In 2018, Jeylabs signed a major multi-year deal and setup entities in Singapore and California. The company has also brought out their Chatbots solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and it is getting momentum.

2. Harish Budhiraja

Harish Budhiraja, Director at Morris Cohen Glen & Co, migrated to Australia as a young Chartered Accountant from India in 2005. He then became a founding member for the Australian (Melbourne) Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India and played an instrumental role in bringing Australian and Indian accounting bodies together. He is also involved in volunteer work with various not for profit organisations, including TLC for Kids and Nasscom Australia.

3. Ketan Kale

Ketan Kale has over 17 years’ experience leading strategy and change in the retail, oil and IT industries. He is currently the General Manager of Fuel at Coles Express leading a high performing team to manage a fuel and convenience network of over 720 locations across all states in Australia, with yearly sales exceeding $5 billion. Coles Express is one of Australia’s key players in a highly competitive retail market, and so on a day to day basis Ketan operates in an extremely high pressure environment managing everything from the customer value proposition, strategy, fuel sales and revenue to innovations and growth.


1. Coral Healthcare: Nikhil Daftary

Nikhil Daftary’s Coral Healthcare produces premium condoms, ultrasound probe covers, sterile gloves and related latex and lubricant products for the Australian healthcare sector, their guiding pillars being Pleasure, Protection and Planning. Coral is always ready to contribute to community partnerships and make a real difference in health care.

2. Coreflex: Sree Yama

Coreflex is a family-run and owned business based in Victoria, dedicated to providing quality corporate goods and unique custom uniforms, sports apparel and branded merchandise to customers. With 10 years of experience in the service industry, our skilled team has acquired the knowledge and expertise required to design and supply a large range of corporate uniforms and sports apparel to various organisations. Some of their clients include local sporting teams such as the Taylors Lakes Basketball Club, Laverton Swimming Club, Rupertswood Cricket Club, in Victoria, events such as the New Zealand Golf Open, large tourism and media organisations such as APT Tourism, Seven Network (Seven Sport) and prominent building companies including Spiire and the KLE Building Group.

3. EduCATER: Prabhakar Agraja

EduCATER is a team of highly professional consultants led by Prabhakar Agraja, with over 16 years of experience in Australian vocational and education and training sector, training design and the National Skills Framework. The company offers a range of specialised services in traditional learning and development, industry training and development and in RTO Systems, processes, quality and compliance.


1. GloTech Process Solutions: Rishabh Aggarwal

Rishabh Aggarwal, Director and key Project Manager of GloTech Process Solutions Pty Ltd, is a young and enthusiastic engineer having completed a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business. At GloTech, his principal responsibilities include complete mechanical design, project management and building relationships with key stakeholders in projects across Australia, China, India and other locations. GloTech is a well-established and respected engineering consultancy and project management organisation with specialist knowledge to assist our clients in managing their environmental emissions and reducing their energy costs.

2. GR Group of Companies: Rajesh Patel

Spearheaded by Rajesh Patel, GR Group of Companies, which was established in 2013, has become among the leading mobile phones sales and repair service providers in South Australia. Rajesh, a biomedical engineer, migrated to Australia in 2008, with the dream to own his own business. To date, the company has served more than 10,000 customers.

3. Intesols: Jitendra Bhansali

Jitendra Bhansali of Intesols, which specialises in providing digital solutions to businesses, has over the years assisted more than 450 businesses / brands in Australia, their goal being to provide intelligent and customised digital solutions like web design, e-commerce store, mobile apps and online marketing. Today, Intesols has a team of 40 in their Indian office and 6 in their Melbourne office.


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