Together for empowerment: Pallavee Joshi speaks at Sakhi Divas

Jospephs Gate

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that women make up 34 per cent of all small business operators in Australia—we’re talking about a staggering 669,000 women approximately, said Pallavee Joshi of Joshi Lawyers at the Sakhi Divas event held recently. The event held on Saturday, 14 July at the Heritage Receptions in Epping, celebrated the successes of women in various fields from the hospitality sector to fashion medicine and law.

Pallavee said that the figure she quoted represented a 46 per cent increase over the past two decades. “These women not only create employment for themselves but also generate employment for others in their community. Then there are those who’re swimming against the current and continuing to climb the corporate ladder and secure positions previously reserved for men,” she explained.

“We are living in interesting times. We’re starting to witness the change that our predecessors had dreamt of. That’s what makes an event like this important,” said Pallavee. “When successful women connect, they lift each other up instead of quashing each other. No one ever grows in isolation. We need each other more than ever. Look at the synergies we can create when we come together,” she said, and called the event a testimony to the amazing things that happen when women come together.

Photos by Safia Sahib Photography


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