A company that celebrates the ‘Indian’ in us

Remit2India brand ambassador Virat Kohli

It’s 3 AM AEST on a July weekday but Aditya Kumar, an Indian IT professional living in the outskirts of Melbourne, is wide awake. It’s not a work deadline or the once in four years FIFA fever that’s keeping him awake. It’s the India-England ODI in London that he is following live and cheering Team India on!

Aditya is not the only one. Hundreds of Indians in Australia celebrate every ‘Indian’ occasion with the same gusto as they would if they were back home. Be it a cricket match, a festival, wedding or a Bollywood party, Australian Indians make sure that the distance from home doesn’t hamper their celebrations.

And probably one of the biggest occasions that brings the entire Indian community together is celebrating our Independence Day. Every Indian in Australia is reminded of his or her growing up days back home where the flag-hoisting ceremony and the singing of the national anthem in the school or housing society filled them up with pride. A tradition they carry forward with the same pride even when living abroad.

Brands catering to the Diaspora too go that extra mile to make sure the Indian Australian community is well served and all their needs connected to India are taken care of. Remit2India, the online money transfer service, is one such brand that has been active in connecting with the Indian community here. Having pioneered instant transfers to India a few years back, they now have signed the brand that epitomises Indian pride as their brand ambassador Virat Kohli. As part of their recent campaign with Virat, Remit2India has further improved the exchange rates offered to Australian Indians as well as combined it with an A$25 Gift Voucher for every new customer and an A$50 referral bonus as additional incentives for using the service.

As a truly Indian-bred service now present across the globe, Remit2India hopes to make celebrating their ‘Indianness’ extra special for every non-resident Indian across the globe.


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