Kennett to head commercial passenger vehicles reforms: Matthew Guy

Jeff Kenett with Nitin Gupta

A Liberal Nationals Government led by Matthew Guy will appoint Jeff Kennett to head ‘Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria’, which was known as the Taxi Services Commission until last month.

A Liberal Nationals Government recognises the importance of the taxi, hire car and ride sharing industry to Victoria’s public transport system. Combined they offer a valuable, and the most flexible public transport system in the State.

Mr Kennett will oversee the continuing development of this transport sector which is fundamentally small business at its best. As head of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria, Mr Kennett will also be charged with reviewing the operation of Labor’s Fairness Fund.

The Victorian Ombudsman has reported negatively on the operation of Labor’s ‘Fairness Fund’ conceding “many license holders lost a great deal of money”.

Matthew Guy with Amrit Singh and Aravind Putta

As head of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria, Mr Kennett will be asked to conduct an inquiry into the adequacy and fairness of commercial passenger vehicle transition arrangements, including the conduct and operation of the Fairness Fund to ensure payments made are fair and reasonable as well as the ensure the collection and distribution of the $1 commercial passenger vehicle levy collected by the government to offset all payments to the taxi industry.

Speaking with the media, the State Opposition leader Mr Matthew Guy said, “Jeff Kennett’s reforms of the taxi industry in the 1990s, his leadership of the State as Premier, beyondblue, commercial businesses, the Hawthorn Football Club, and now The Torch, speak for themselves and Victoria is fortunate to be able to call upon his experience yet again.”

A viable, and safe Victorian public transport system using a range of vehicles is essential, and a Liberal Nationals Government is committed to providing that service under Mr Kennett’s leadership, added Mr Guy.

The move has been given a “thumbs up” by former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta “Mr Kennett has a good understanding of the taxi industry, and other commercial passenger vehicles. I welcome this announcement,” he said.


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