Indian community says they can relate to the “Guy” who worked at a “Servo”

Shilpa, Darpan, Nitin Gupta, Roshni Sharma and Nithya with Matthew Guy

During his early days in 1990s, Victorian Opposition Leader Hon. Matthew Guy also used to work as a ‘console and shift operator’ at a BP service station in Montmorency—a quiet, leafy Northern suburb of Melbourne.

The same Servo in Montmorency was recently held up by an axe-wielding offender, prompting a visit by Mr Guy back to his former work place.

Thousands of Australian Indians have worked at service stations, either in part time or full time roles. Many of them had their first job at a Servo, with several of them buying service stations or franchisees later in their lives.

Comments Service Station Franchise Owner Mrs Tripti Gupta, “I can relate more with Mr Guy now after finding out that he has worked in the same industry and in a similar role. Working at a service station requires multi-tasking. Owning a service station franchise has its own challenges like maintaining energy costs, staffing costs etc. But now that I am aware that Mr Guy has worked in similar roles, and is more aware of challenges such as cost of living and running a small business, I can relate better with him.”

Mrs Anchal Agarwal who has been an investor in the service station industry, says that as someone who has been a stakeholder in similar business, she can relate to Mr Guy. “Once you become aware that someone has worked in your industry, and has first-hand experience of challenges faced by such businesses, you are more willing to back him,” she says.

Mr Karthik Arasu, who has owned and sold few service stations, says that working in Servos requires “real multi-tasking” and people skills. “That’s probably why Mr. Guy can truly understand the issues faced by Servo workers, particularly the safety issues.”

Former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta, who has also owned a United Servo, feels the same. “I can relate with Mr Guy more now, after finding out the fact that he has also worked at a Servo during his early days.”

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